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FIC: Twelve Hours Each (2/?)
Title: Twelve Hours Each

Author: Purplelily21 (a.k.a DeviantOrchid on

Pairing: Callie/Arizona

Rating: M

Summary: Callie and Arizona have a whole day off together. Who decides how they spend it and what will they get up to?

A/N: Thanks for the nice reviews of the last chapter. Hope this one does not disappoint.

The distinctive noise of some form of crockery being unceremoniously dropped into the sink woke Callie Torres from her deep comatose like sleep. Gradually she blinked both eyes until the stinging morning sensation decreased and all that was left was a faint blurriness slightly emphasised by the bright sliver of sunshine streaming in from Arizona’s side of the bed. Well it had become Arizona’s side of the room if she really thought about it. The blonde had acquired her own bedside table, a separate set of drawers and always made sure to put her dirty laundry in a small hamper on the right instead of the large one in the bathroom and all this was non-inclusive of the vast array of makeup, hair products and creamy lotions carefully arranged on the dresser at the foot of the bed.

Callie couldn’t remember how all this, ‘crap’ for lack of a better word, ended up in her room but she was surprised that she really didn’t mind its residence. Then again, she did tend to move rather swiftly from one stage to the next in her past relationships, hell just look at the George debacle, in some ways she should have expected to feel this level of comfort and acceptance in realising that she was basically living with her girlfriend. But this was Arizona, a woman who was so completely intricate and secretive in her mannerisms let alone her emotional needs, Callie had to wonder if the enigma she called her partner already knew of this development and had yet to bring it to the surface, frightened by the repercussions of such an act.

Another startling ruckus pulled the brunette’s attention away from her inner monologue on her relationship and guided her thoughts to what the hell her other half was doing in the kitchen at- before she could even turn her face to read the time, Bruno Mars blared out from the alarm set the previous night- yep there it was, eight o’clock on the dot, Arizona was many things, tardy was not one of them. Muffled cursing could also now be heard amongst the banging and cupboard knocking situation, apparently quiet and subtle were also not some of the peds surgeons qualities either. Pity. Nope when Arizona was up, she wanted everyone to be up too, that included the sleep loving Latina who merely scratched her head, pulled her muscles into action and heaved her body into an upright position well aware that this one man band would only increase in volume until the inevitable began. She shuddered at the mere thought.

Arizona had this ‘game’ she liked to play, an urban version of poking a bear with a stick if you will, in which she started by waking a dozing Callie with a soft good morning. This usually got her nowhere so the volume would increase. Again, Callie barely responded to this form of disruption so Arizona would start getting ready and dressed rather loudly, heavy footsteps on the parquet flooring, letting the wardrobe doors fall closed by themselves harshly and the oh so believable ‘morning coughs’, that sort of stuff.
When this did little to force her lover awake and up, Arizona pulled out the heavy duty artillery, the one method that always succeeded without fail, Calliope’s Kryptonite, her Achilles heel, her holy water: pulling off the sheets and covers and throwing them in the living room.

If there was one thing Callie hated more than being kept awake at night, it was this cold, callous and downright rude tactic that Arizona not only used to accomplish her goal of getting the brunette out of the bed rather swiftly in the morning, but took glee in the mission of riling the orthopod up whilst getting her own way in the process. However this ‘game’ had only ever occurred three, maybe four times tops as the perky doctor found out that the consequences for her mischief entailed no lifts to or from work in the rain, three and a half days without sex, the laces of her Heelys being stolen and her favourite donuts always being mysteriously sold out at the coffee cart no matter what time of day she frequented it at. The overriding message was clear; do not piss off Calliope Torres.

The Latina stretched her arms behind her back before shutting off the impromptu music that actually encapsulated her exact thoughts, today she swore she wasn’t doing anything, she just wanted to lay in her bed. Unlike Mr Mars however she had a girlfriend who disagreed. Running her hands through her ebony mane, she made her way through to said girlfriend in hopes of receiving a cup of coffee at the very least for her efforts.

“Good morning Calliope,” the blonde chirped as she dried of the rest of the dishes and pottered about the kitchen.

Callie checked the coffee pot, silently thanking God for its fullness and warmth. “Mornin’.”

“You sleep ok? Here.” Arizona handed Callie a mug who took a seat on one of the black stools before bringing over a large green coloured box from the couple’s favourite breakfast place, 626, a clever word play on its opening hours.

“Yeah, once I had some peace I was out like a light, you?” the ortho surgeon responded wryly, a small smirk playing on her face whilst she sipped away at her nectar like beverage eyeing up the apricot and pecan danish staring back at her.

Arizona scoffed and pulled the pastries away from Callie’s long reach. “Oh yeah, it was awesome, if only it wasn’t interrupted by the snoring starfish next to me…”

Callie opened her mouth in shock, failing to throw a witty comeback at the woman now smirking at her on the opposite side of the kitchen island and instead opting for a ‘pfft’ and a jut of the chin. “I do not snore.” Outright denial of the topic was on the agenda for today.

Arizona smiled warmly, eyes crinkling in the corners as she took a sip of her own coffee. “It’s alright, I’ve grown…accustomed…to your ‘non-snores’.” Callie just rolled her eyes in return.

Coming around to the Latina’s side, the peds surgeon twirled the seat slightly to the right, narrowly avoiding a coffee tidal wave on Callie’s lap so that the brunette was now facing her.

“Something I can help you with Dr Robbins?” For the first time this morning, Callie was alert enough to notice that sadly the short shorts had already been disposed of but an admirable replacement of more day appropriate denim shorts and a coral coloured tank took precedence on the paler woman’s lithe form. Her eyes roamed over the body in front, capturing the beauty and downright sex appeal that Arizona seemed to radiate all day every day.

The blonde inched herself between the other woman’s knees, her left side leaning against the countertop in a nonchalant stance tinged with inherited authority. “You owe me something Torres and I’m here to collect.”

Callie licked her lips, somewhat removing the extra coffee moisture, the other part just to tease and play along with this happy morning mood. “Sorry, don’t know what you’re talking about. You musta made a mistake,” she replied setting down her cup, eyes now drawn to the delicious cream coloured skin at the swell of her girlfriend’s breasts. Arizona smiled at the action. For someone who came out as bisexual relatively late in life, Callie had developed quite the fascination for boobs, in particular the ones in her line of sight.

“Eyes up Calliope. The sound isn’t coming from my chest.”

Dark cocoa eyes flicked upwards to receive a sexy smirk full of appreciation. “I can multi-task,” she replied with a cheeky grin. “So what are you collecting exactly?”

“Oh you know what I want.” The blonde not so subtly glanced at the woman beneath her, focusing intently on those plump soft lips.
Callie smiled and pulled on the peach material, bunching it between her first and lowering her girlfriend’s mouth to a more reachable height. “Mmm I think do,” she husked before crashing their lips together in a less than chaste first kiss of the morning. One of Arizona’s hands instinctively travelled and settled on her partner’s smooth tan cheek, the other stabilising her body on the worktop, her groin unconsciously pushing further towards the other.

The taste of coffee lingered on the blonde’s tongue as the Latina pulled her closer and sucked languidly on the fleshy muscle, pushing and pulling, tangling like dancers caught in a passionate tango. Opening her knees wider to welcome the warm body pressing in, Callie found her lover’s ass and grabbed the firm flesh, squeezing with enthusiasm at an appendage she was more than fond of. Arizona had an amazing ass and damn if they woman didn’t use it to her advantage, especially in those shorts. They broke apart naturally, foreheads resting against one another, smiles mirroring and breaths speeding accordingly.

“Always gotta have my morning kiss,” the blonde whispered against her partner’s lips. “You should get dressed though, time’s a ticking and although I love love love making out with you in our kitchen, I have plans for the rest of the morning that involve us going outside, that sound ok?” Arizona stepped back slightly, mostly to discourage her body from ravishing the tan woman below her, well for the moment anyway, she just had to have patience til later.

“Um ok but I was really liking where this was going…” Callie’s voice dropped an octave as her hand snuck up a toned milky thigh. She placed tiny barely there kisses on the delicate collar bone presented to her, sucking every now and again and toying with the porcelain pleasure under her lips. Arizona couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped if she tried. Callie smiled into the velvety texture. Her plan of distraction was working. Now for the finishing touch.
Arizona moaned as the incredibly talented fingers planed over her flesh and onto denim, not slowing or stopping until they reached the destination of her crotch. The brunette cupped the peds surgeon, applying the perfect amount of pressure to heighten the pleasure without being overly rough and aggressive.

“Calliope…” It was whispered reverently, a prayer almost, whether to perpetuate Callie’s motions or halt her altogether was undecided.


“You have to s-stop that.” A tongue poked out to glide further south, tasting and enjoying the supple skin that was the valley of Arizona’s breasts.


“The plans,” she gasped as Callie’s massaging hand came into contact with her clit through the material. “Mmm, I…we…have plans.” The hand that wasn’t between the blonde’s legs started to sneak underneath the sheer fabric.

“What plans?” Callie pulled Arizona to her lips once more, as their chests began to heave signalling the intensification of arousal that was coursing through both their veins.

Arizona knew she had to stop this now or never. Fuck she wanted Callie to keep kissing her here and touching her there but she had a schedule dammit and she couldn’t just throw off their whole day for a quickie in bed. They had plenty of time tonight to have sex. Beautiful sunny days like this did not come around often.

“N-n-no, no.” Arizona pulled away abruptly. Her face now contained a slight flush, pupils dilated and nostrils flared as her body betrayed her logic. “Go, go shower, get dressed we’re going for a walk.”

“A walk?! We can walk anytime!” Callie was more than ready to continue what she’d started. The throbbing feeling between her legs agreed. Arizona just gave her the look. The look that only foolish interns were on the receiving end of. The look that meant there was no wiggle room or loopholes.

“Fine.” Callie exhaled. “But we’re picking this up later; I believe I have part control of today too and I plan on using it wisely.” Arizona just ran her hand through her hair before waving it in the direction of the bathroom. Shifting in her shorts that now felt awful restrictive and uncomfortable she couldn’t help but chuckle before grabbing a donut to take her mind off of a certain orthopaedic surgeon. This was going to be a fun, but long day off…

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Hope you can update soon... :-)

Noooooo!!! Come on!! She can't do that!! It was CALLIE!! in the kitchen being sexy and she change that for... a walk... a freaking walk!! It's a crime, it's a blasphemy... it's such a great story :) ha ha. I can wait for the rest of the day. It's going to be epic, specially if Callie keeps trying to get Arizona ;9

great! can't wait to read the next one, it's gonna be fuuun!!

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