Fic: The Space Between Us (1/1)
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Fic: A Not So Silent Night (2/2)
Title: A Not So Silent Night Part 2
Author: Purplelily21 (a.k.a DeviantOrchid on

Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: M
Summary: Pulling a dual night shift, Callie and Arizona find a way to pass the time. Calzona on call room antics. Basically smut/PWP.

Disclaimer: All television shows, books, movies, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work and the characters, events, and settings thereof are the properties of their respective owners. No profit was earned during the making and posting of this fic.

A/N: Big thanks to RockyTop for giving me some major confidence. Here is part 2 as promised. I’m so happy that the first part got such a positive response. You people are awesome. I hope this part doesn’t disappoint. I’m still working on my other story but I have an idea for another 1 or 2 chapter smut story so we’ll see how it goes before starting that. Stay tuned…


Callie felt her whole body tense harshly against the soft woman below. Sure she’d been somewhat caught in the past, Bailey had come a knocking once or twice when she was in the midst of it with Mark and Derek Shepherd had walked in right after they had finished, it wasn’t that embarrassing but that was with Sloan and it was purely sex. She really didn’t want anyone to witness her sex life with Arizona, especially since it was so much more than just a dirty fuck for either of them and coupled with the fact that Arizona was a rather private person, this was slowly becoming a ground swallow me up moment.

The peds surgeon could still feel her girlfriend’s fingers buried in the depths of her warmth as she tightly screwed her eyes shut in hopes that the childlike logic of ‘I can’t see you so you can’t see me’ would apply. Both women remained stock still waiting for the inevitable scolding and humiliation that was sure to prevail shortly.


April Kepner had been busy writing up late night charts. She wasn’t actually scheduled to be working tonight but she had gotten a bit behind on charting and paperwork and by now it was too late to call for a lift or make her way back to Meredith’s so she figured she’d stay at the hospital overnight and get some rest in one of the small bunks provided. She was scrolling through some emails on her iPhone whilst she headed towards on-call room 5, it was situated in a quieter wing of the hospital and she knew she’d manage to get a few hours kip here. Flicking through another email on hospital security she opened the door and walked into the blackened room, eyes glued to the highlighted screen in her hand. She stood still and scanned the black letters, none of them aimed personally at her, just more bureaucracy and although she could see its importance, she wished they wouldn’t keep filling up her mailbox with it right now.

Callie couldn’t see their intruder but she could definitely feel a presence standing behind her right shoulder. Why hadn’t they moved? What was the son of a bitch doing, trying to get a free peep show maybe? Was it Mark? Craning her neck ever so slightly to get a peek, she felt her body slip and her hand push deeper into Arizona. Automatically her left hand moved to clamp tight over her partner’s mouth. She knew from experience just how vocal and sensitive the blonde was in bed. Arizona supressed the moan that threatened to spill from her dry lips and felt her mouth covered quickly. This was torture now. Forget the teasing earlier, that was nothing compared to this, having Callie’s long strong fingers inside her, feeling the brunette’s hardened nipples against her chest, being so fucking turned on and having to stay absolutely immobile. She prayed for the first time in a very long while.

Kepner was still reading her emails as she moved towards the bunk, exhaustion and the lack of light making her completely oblivious to the lovers entangled together just a metre or two away from her. She situated herself on the edge of the mattress and reached down to begin to take off her shoes. Callie’s heart was thumping erratically against her chest and she could feel the blonde’s imitate its action. Oh dear God why wouldn’t the person leave, clearly they hadn’t been spotted and this was getting increasingly more awkward with each passing second. April sighed and spoke quietly to herself as she pulled on her laces. Damn it, both Callie and Arizona recognised that high voice; Kepner. They were being held sexually hostage by the virgin, had she not been one of the participants, Arizona may have laughed at the irony. Callie’s hand remained firm on her mouth whilst her own stayed attached to the metal bar above her head, one wrong move and the bed would creak and they would be discovered.

The pressure was getting to both women, the sexy sweat having turned into panicked perspiration. Well it could have been worse thought Arizona, could have been that skeazeball Mark, or the Chief or oh dear Lord, Bailey! At least when they were busted April would be too embarrassed to tell anyone of what happened in the room. Yeah it could be like Vegas, what happens in on-call room 5, stays in on-call room 5, only it wouldn’t as these things had a way of seeping out. Arizona was starting to seriously worry, creating scenarios in which all her peds nurses were suddenly laughing and snickering at her behind her back. She’d lose all respect and probably be called into the Chief’s office where she would cry like an idiot in front of him again.

Finally, after the longest thirty seconds of the women’s lives, a pager sounded throughout the room and a softly spoken ‘dammit’ could be heard from the unwelcomed guest. Callie just thanked whoever was ‘up there’ that it hadn’t been one of theirs, some lesbian sex God must have been watching over them tonight. April popped her toes back in her Nikes, picked up the bleeping device and scowled before shuffling out of the room.

Both Callie and Arizona let out a shaky loud breath as they heard the door click close. Arizona opened her eyes and met the newly amused expression on her girlfriend’s face.

“Thank God it was just oblivious Kepner,” she half spoke half giggled. Suddenly the situation was becoming funny thanks to their undercover sexcapade. Deep chuckles rose from Callie’s chest as she slowly pulled out of the blonde and scrambled away from the warm body to her feet.

“Hey! Where are you going? Don’t you have some unfinished business here?” Arizona asked incredulously whilst gesturing to her own body, sure they had almost gotten caught but that was no cause to leave her here all worked up and with only her own hands to take care of herself.

Callie wordlessly and dressed in only her birthday suit walked the few steps to the door and turned the lock. No more interruptions. She smiled and cocked an eyebrow at her girlfriend. Arizona was lying on her side, the sheets around her midriff and her amazing breasts illuminated with the small glow from the light under the door.

“Why would I go anywhere else…” she purred, sliding back into the bed and once again situating the blonde’s hands above her head, “when I have you right where I want you.”

Arizona smirked and kissed the Latina soundly on the mouth, glad to have the welcomed weight on top of her as their tongues reconnected and rekindled the passion they had shared just moments ago. It didn’t take long before the burning inferno was stoked into full blaze as Callie kissed the blonde’s jaw and worked her lips along the pale neck skin. She flicked her tongue and sucked languidly on the rose pink flesh, making sure to let go before a deep love bite formed. She would leave those later in secret patches on the peds surgeon’s body instead.

The shorter woman groaned as she felt the moist warm tongue soothe the nips and once again rolled her hips upwards to meet the feminine curves she longed to feel. Feet once again joined at the ankles as she ensnared the orthopod around her thighs. Feeling Callie like this definitely made it worth being topped. She watched Callie’s breasts rub against her own, the sensation causing her eyes to roll back in her head whilst her spine forced her back to arch like a rainbow. Callie’s hot lips sucked on her nipples as the brunette feasted on her long awaited reward, pulling each one in turn against her tongue and toying with it just because she could.

Arizona was finding it harder and harder to contain her urge to push Callie’s head or hand down to her centre, fuck anything of the brunette’s would do right about now. She just needed more of everything. The Latina took pride in the fact that she had managed to work the paler woman up in such a short amount of time, she could feel Arizona’s unsteady breaths against her neck as she kissed and sucked along her clavicle. The whine and whimpers letting her know that her girl was ready for more.

Catching one another’s gaze, the two women had a fleeting silent conversation, dialogue that only contained understanding and a deep emotional connection that neither had felt before the other. Arizona nodded once and Callie took two fingers from her right hand and stroked her tongue along their length, concerned that their interruption had perhaps waned Arizona’s arousal. She needn’t have worried for her hand was met with copious amounts of that satin liquid she adored. Arizona in turn spread her legs a little wider to accommodate the hand between their bodies and waited with bated breath for the full feeling to return. She didn’t have to wait for long.

Callie ran her index finger along the swollen flesh and groaned out loud, thoroughly enjoying the heat and dampness she knew she had produced alone. “God Arizona, you’re so fucking wet.”

“I know, j-just, fuck Callie I need you in-inside, fuck me before it’s too late.” The blonde was in heaven as fingertips danced along her soaked groin, this time the teasing aspect has disappeared in favour of a hot and heavy tension that once again filled the room with erotic enthusiasm.

Callie did as she was told this time. She was less worried about being in complete control of the blonde and more eager to just fuck her and feel her come undone. This was what both of them lived for. The rush, the passion, the moment when you don’t recall your own name and instead scream out the other person’s. Callie wanted that and more and with one final lick of the left rosy peak on Arizona’s chest, she pushed in hard and fast once more using her hips for extra momentum.

Arizona could have cried at the relief. Her body was begging for a quick release. Days of built up tension had accumulated in a need that she wasn’t sure she could control for much longer. More interruptions or not, she had to come now. Callie set a balanced rhythm, speeding and slowing to build up the maximum amount of pleasure possible. She could feel the satiny walls constrict and pull her back in when she went to release her fingers to the tips. Arizona was moaning softly at each thrust, her body on sensory overload as it focused on the only thing that mattered right now.

The Latina craned her neck and transcended upon a particularly delicious patch of skin right under her partners left breast. She sucked as much as she could into her mouth and applied as much pressure as her warm mouth could, biting the flesh every now and then for full impact. When she let the skin go she could faintly see the deep red mark of her labour, a reminder later for Arizona when she changed out of her scrubs and into her outerwear. If Kepner’s invasion didn’t trigger the event, this mark sure as hell would.

“Callie,” the peds surgeon softly called into raven hair. “Jesus Calliope.”

The brunette just smirked and carried on her ministrations, scissoring her fingers when she figured the blonde needed it most and gaining deep rumbles of ecstasy for her efforts. Her caramel skin slid easily along the sweat soaked ivory of Arizona, she licked up the salty taste along the valley in front of her face and pushed particularly unmercifully forward. She could feel Arizona’s heels start to dig in to her ass, melding the flesh to spur the action on. Arizona always did like it rough.

All Arizona could think was that if this was wrong then damn she never wanted to be right again. This was it for her. Calliope inside her body, her mind, god her fucking soul and she was so unbelievably enthralled with the feeling that she was certain that sex with another person would never get her so close to heaven as with this woman. This woman that she had shed more than a few tears over, that she had had angry shouting matches with, faced sleepless nights over and had once called a ‘new-born.’ Now she couldn’t think of any other permeating her life as vigorously as Callie had. Through writhing and muffled screams of euphoria she saw the future and a little piece of infinity.

Callie was panting hard with each thrust. Her body was becoming strained with the tension, her fingers slid through the moisture again and again whilst she slammed further into Arizona’s depths. She could see the blonde struggling intently with keeping her hands still yet the metal appeared as a form of comfort, something to keep her grounded when she could so easily float away on the sensations. Her own groin was begging for friction. Pleading to feel her lover’s fingers fill it so wholly and completely but she pushed her own selfish needs aside for now. She wanted to come but she needed to feel Arizona more.

Legs tightened painfully around the Latina’s midsection as Arizona gulped in as much air as her burning lungs could capacitate. The bed creaked louder and louder as Callie’s hips drove her closer to the ultimate. Arizona could no longer keep her eyes open and watch her partner fuck her into oblivion, it just wasn’t possible. Instead she closed them tight, crinkles appearing at the edges and focused on the tanned body working her own body like it was a simplistic creation. Something done a thousand times over and so well practiced that one did not even have to think about the task. Honestly this was entirely possible, they had been all over each other since the shooting but still, Arizona knew this was no mindless obligation for Callie; this was an almost selfish gratification which she knew filled Callie with as much happiness as she. It was a self-indulgence she would always welcome in her life.

“Faster, please, faster…” the blonde begged. She was so close, she could feel her body begin to constrict and release in all the right places. She could barely breathe with the intensity. Her senses all blending into one that majored in her core. Feeling the familiar pull and tightening of muscles, hot like fire in their desire to release. She was here and nowhere, her body almost broken in two as her limbs began to shake against tanned flesh.

Callie appeased her girlfriend and sped her actions. She felt along the grooves and smooth planes of velvet walls, comforted in the knowledge that she knew which actions would result in the utmost bliss for the woman beneath her. She expertly found the blonde’s clit with her thumb. A mastered movement that usually sent the shorter woman spiralling into the depths of her own delectation.

“You’re so close, oh god, come for me, now, come for me,” the Latina hissed against the peds surgeon’s neck. Her right hand buried beneath the covers, her left propping her body to a hovering stance.

The paler woman couldn’t contain the white hot flame that began in her groin and sped like magma along her tendons, bones and flesh. It was consuming and otherworldly in its presence and she just let it overtake her being.

Callie felt the other doctor lift off the mattress and thrust into her own body. She heard the deep moan erupt from the blonde’s chest and fade into the dimly lit room. Her girlfriend’s knuckles turned white against the steel and a tear escaped out of the corner of her eye as she gave in to the relished alleviation. The brunette inflicted speeded circles upon the distended bud against her thumb and drove Arizona into the highest form of bliss she could find on Earth.

The mattress bounced softly as Arizona’s body hit it once more, limbs all limp as her hands detached from their restricted setting. Callie collapsed on top of her, her own muscles screaming for rest and recovery yet her core earned for its own satisfaction and a taster of what the blonde had felt.

“Oh god, oh god,” Arizona panted as she came back to reality, her girlfriend breathing heavily in the crook of her shoulder, fingers still hidden within their damp confines.

“Worth the wait?” Callie mumbled.

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” Arizona responded, cheeks now aglow with the aftermath of her orgasm.

Callie chuckled and slid her fingers out before licking off her sticky treat. The shorter woman watched in wonder as a tongue scooped the hot liquid into the awaiting mouth, her chest still heaving from their actions.

“You are so fucking hot Calliope.” God Callie loved it when that potty mouth came out to play. She grinned a cocky smile and lifted herself off Arizona and then scooped the blonde into her chest, needing to feel the connection with her partner. The peds surgeon was all too happy to comply with the intimacy of the embrace and rested her head upon a thrumming heartbeat. “I missed that,” she quietly whispered.

“Me too,” Callie stated simply. She really had.

Tanned fingers stroked the length of a slick spine, each vertebrae carefully accounted for. Arizona smiled at her lover’s post sex ritual, if it wasn’t her ribs or hips, it was sure to be her back bone that Callie played with.

“I just need a few minutes then…” Arizona said softly, her exhaustion catching up on her body as a gruelling double shift made itself known.

“Take your time.” Although the Latina was still beyond turned on, she was content to lie like this for a while knowing sooner or later the favour would be returned. For now though, with the love of her life in her arms, she was at one with the world.

A/N: There you have it, part 2 completed. I’m thinking of writing a partner piece where Callie gets hers if you know what I mean. Let me know if that sounds like something you’d like to read. Ok well thanks for reading and look out for updates of Twelve Hours Each at

Fic: A Not So Silent Night (1/2)
Title: A Not So Silent Night

Author: Purplelily21 (a.k.a DeviantOrchid on

Pairing: Callie/Arizona

Rating: M

Summary: Pulling a dual night shift, Callie and Arizona find a way to pass the time. Calzona on call room antics. Basically smut/PWP.

Disclaimer: All television shows, books, movies, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work and the characters, events, and settings thereof are the properties of their respective owners. No profit was earned during the making and posting of this fic.

A/N: I haven’t written anything this smutty in a very long time so if you like it then show me some love and tell me. Thanks!

Arizona Robbins had drawn the short straw and pulled the night shift this Friday, fortunately, or rather unfortunately for the Latina, so had Calliope. The two had yet to meet in the hospital with Callie being hurried into an emergency trauma with Hunt and Arizona having to do an unexpected appy with Lexie which had developed complications and taken an extra two hours. Needless to say, both surgeons were earning their wage tonight. Arizona was currently camped out on the bottom bunk in an on call room trying to rest her eyes for the spare thirty minutes or so she’d nabbed leaving the ward in capable hands. She was in that in-between place of conscious and unconscious, eyes flicking behind the closed lids, body twitching every now and again when her isolation was disturbed and the door creaked open and shut just as quickly. She was sure she had locked it but apparently not.

The blonde hadn’t bothered to open her eyes, assuming that whoever the intruder was would grab the top bunk or see the room was occupied and leave. Neither happened. Instead she felt a weight behind her as the figure encroached on her space and laid their body down next to hers. She may have been startled had it not been for the familiar perfume assaulting her nostrils and alluding her to the mystery guest’s identity. Firm tanned hands wrapped around her frame and knees bent behind hers to accommodate her spooned position. A smile found its way to her face as she heard the person inhale the space between her neck and clavicle whilst lips placed a tentative kiss on the alabaster surface.

“We better be careful or Calliope may find us here,” she softly spoke. The brunette laughed into the soft skin.

“Mmm you better be joking Dr Robbins, I’ve gone all cage fighter once in this hospital, I’m not afraid to do it again.” Arizona giggled into the dark room.

“That’s a sight I wouldn’t mind seeing,” she responded, turning in the strong arms to see her girlfriend’s beautiful face finally. “Hey.” Warm chocolate met sparkling blue.

“Hi, miss me?” Callie had that playful spark in her eyes as she asked the question.

“A little,” the peds surgeon jokingly replied.

“Just a little?” The blonde nodded, focusing her gaze on those plump lips inches from her own and noticing the contours of the delicious mouth so near yet so far. God how long had it been since she had kissed those?

“Well we’ll have to do something about that then huh?” Callie stared back at her lover appreciating the loose blonde curls that framed the angelic face she had the pleasure of waking up to every morning. She ran a single finger through the locks, playing with a silken helix before draping the curl over the blonde’s shoulder.

Arizona nodded once more and smiled wickedly before grasping Callie’s navy scrub top in her fist and closing the remaining inches between them. The brunette’s eyes flickered closed as she focused on the sensation of pink lips against her own, the hitch in her partner’s breathing as they made contact and the way the blonde’s fingers opened from fist to a splayed pattern across her chest.

The kiss was delicate in nature, testing the waters to discern the need of the other. It was Callie who pulled back first without straying too far, she searched Arizona’s eyes and found nothing but want, affection and perhaps gratitude. Their lips met again, this time with less hesitancy and a new found determination from the ortho surgeon. Whilst she was rather accustomed to on call room ‘activities’, she’d only engaged in them with her girlfriend a handful of times and did not want to push too hard. She needn’t have worried. Arizona was too caught up in her need to feel the brunette’s lips on her own to even contemplate separating for professional hospital ethics.

Arizona’s hand crept up a tan neck before finding a resting place on the Latina’s cheek, drawing the two closer as her lips rediscovered their accomplice. Callie nibbled softly, pulling away before sucking the blonde’s top lip in her own, squeezing the flesh gently, almost reverently. For Arizona the tenderness was endearing but not what she needed right now. No at home they had time to be romantic and sentimental. Here she could get paged any minute and coupled with the fact they hadn’t had sex going on four days now, she was passed gracious courtesy. She wanted, no needed more. Taking a more dominant position, Arizona rolled a surprised Callie on to her back, hips straddling the curvy pair beneath her as she ran her tongue up the brunette’s bottom lip to the top creating a shiver across the Latina’s body.

Callie felt her lover brace herself above, elbows and forearms resting on the starched white of linen whilst her sleek hair created a private shield around their heads. Arizona dipped her face down, careful to roll her hips in a forward motion as her tongue forwent permission and plied apart tender lips intent on finding it’s treasure in the warm cavern of Callie’s mouth.

Feeling her girlfriend suck slowly on her own fleshy muscle, Callie couldn’t contain the slight groan of approval. She grasped the hips atop her own and bunched up Arizona’s scrub top to feel the luxurious skin of her lower back. Thumbs dipped into dimples of Venus and delicate curves, sneaking around a waist to play with the ivory below earning another grind which shot waves of pleasure straight to Callie’s core. God she could feel herself getting beyond turned on. How could she not? Dominant Arizona was one of her favourites.

As the kiss became incredibly heated at lightning speed Arizona could feel Callie’s hips and groin gyrate against her own and moaned into the thick air of the cosy room, both women hell bent on finding friction of any kind to soothe the burning ache of desire. Nought to sixty in no time, this is what the Latina did to her. Sure she’d had good sex before, great sex even but this raw need to consume the other person was unbridled and if she was honest she didn’t want to ever begin to rein it in.

“Up. Sit up.” It was a demand not a question and Arizona decided to comply knowing the obedience in this case would be a win win situation. Callie barely took note of her now heaving chest choosing to focus on her girlfriend’s instead, wanting to see the exquisite expanse of skin beneath the restrictive cotton. She pulled rather harshly on the material, too eager to fret over a slow and sexy reveal and threw the scrub top unceremoniously onto the sterile looking linoleum below.

Callie grinned at the now half naked blonde on top of her. She pulled Arizona forward and kissed her hard. Hands immediately crept up a well-defined stomach, skimming over the surface as a sculptor would with clay, moulding the heated flesh beneath her fingertips and burning the feeling into her memory. Not that she could really forget how this felt. Arizona would always be a permanence solidified forever regardless of her real life presence. The peds surgeon whimpered slightly as Callie’s tongue planed across her acromion, tracing the skeleton up over her clavicle and then northern to a pale neck. In this moment, Arizona was incredibly thankful for her partner’s penchant for bones.
Arizona tilted her neck to the side silently begging for the brunette to continue with her tease. Her wish was granted as Callie licked a wet path up to a pink lobe before taking it between her teeth and nipping the spongy appendage. Callie heard a slight hiss leave her girlfriend’s lips and smirked into her neck. She repeated the bite this time lower until she had left an impression of her pearly whites millimetres away from the shorter woman’s jugular.

“Fuck!” Arizona pulled her skin away from the nip as her neck rolled backwards on its own accord. Somewhere she’d given up control of the situation. Something she had very rarely been distracted from in previous relationships and intended on retrieving now in this one. She grabbed Callie’s face and placed a scorching kiss on her lips, tongue probing along teeth, gum and muscle as it tamed the fiery woman into passivity separating only to yank up the Latina’s shirts over her head. Callie grimaced with the force, practically getting whiplash by the offending articles of clothing. The movement just fired her up as she battled to not let Arizona top her once again. Right now dominant was hot but submission was hotter.

Once free of her shirts, Callie immediately set about undoing Arizona’s bra and unfastened the garment one handed, her other held the paler woman firmly in place by the hips. She brought the ivory chest forward to her mouth, her tongue licking her lips at the sight of two pebbled nipples ready for the taking. She could feel Arizona’s penetrating stare on her as she purposely avoided the left nub and licked a hot trail on the underside, focusing instead on the amazing valley between the two globes. She felt two hands weave through her hair as she placed wet kisses along each breast belonging to the rapidly moving chest. Callie knew what Arizona wanted right now and she knew she should give it to her but damn, teasing was fun and she wasn’t letting her lover call all the shots in the bedroom.

The near silent grapple for control raged onwards in the on call room. Arizona tried tugging Callie’s mouth to her awaiting nipple to no avail, clearly the Latina was not going to budge in their miniature war but time was ticking and she could feel the arousal pooling in her underwear, certain her scrub bottoms would need changing at this rate.

“Calliope,” it came out breathier than she intended.

Brown eyes connected with Arizona’s as Callie halted licking around a sensitive areola. “What?” the brunette rasped. The shorter woman almost couldn’t bring herself to beg for it but fuck it, this was Calliope Torres and if you didn’t cave for a woman like that then you needed more than Derek Shepherd to help fix your brain.

“Just touch me, please.” Callie couldn’t help but have a little fun with this. It really wasn’t every day that Arizona Robbins, saviour of the tiny humans, begged to have you touch her nipples.

“I am touching you. I’m touching you here…” Callie licked a full circle around the sensitive bud. “Here…” She kissed across the chest and nuzzled her nose on the right breast. “And here…” She rubbed salt in the wound by bringing her hand up and cupping the other breast, fingers avoiding the obvious pebble. The next thing Callie felt was a sharp stinging in her scalp as Arizona pulled on the black strands and pushed the back of her skull towards the neglected skin. Callie’s lips had little choice but to envelope the swollen nipple and then some as Arizona groaned out her satisfaction, ecstatic to feel the sensation she had been craving all day.

Just as Arizona was really enjoying getting lost in the feeling of Callie’s tongue playing her body so finely, she felt the hips she was balanced on turn to the side sharply and a pair of hands guide her body to the mattress. Before she had time to react to her new position Callie was down by her feet, slipping off her Heelys, socks and pants. The Latina eyed her new view, Arizona in only a black and purple lacy thong. Blood rushed to its new destination downtown as she drew in a shaky breath. The light was minimal but the impact was monumental regardless, simply put, Arizona was stunning.
Arizona could feel the penetrating stare almost burn her skin in its intensity. She loved feeling like this. So wanted. So amazing. Only Callie could make her feel like this and it was addictive. Goosebumps broke out in her skin, a mixture of arousal and the temperature of the room which didn’t go unnoticed by her girlfriend.

“Get under the covers,” the Latina spoke roughly. Her voice took on a delicious gravely tone that was music to the blonde’s ears.

Callie quickly removed all her clothing as Arizona readjusted herself on the bed and gained some warmth from the itchy blankets provided. The brunette then shuffled herself in between her girlfriend’s legs careful not to touch her sensitive centre just yet.

“God you’re so hot,” the ortho surgeon rasped before diving in for another passionate kiss. She felt Arizona’s legs come up to fix themselves around her hips as her tongue once again worked its magic. Lace rubbed against skin as Arizona went in for a cheeky roll of her hips. Callie found her partner’s warm hands and slowly raised them to the metal frame at the top of their heads, still unsure if Arizona was going to play along with their roles tonight.

The blonde’s head was swimming in delightful agony. She adored feeling Callie like this, commanding and in demand of control but something inside told her not to go down without a fight. She tried to wiggle her hands free as they felt the cool metal touch the fiery skin but Callie was stronger in this position and held on tighter, wrapping the paler woman’s hands to grab the bar and holding her own on top of them.

“Stay.” It was an order. “Or I’ll stop.” It was a threat. A threat that normally Arizona would laugh at, she knew Callie had to be as wet as her right now but something in the woman’s eyes told her she really wasn’t joking and that if Arizona wanted an orgasm within the next fifteen minutes she should really do as she was told.

Painful. That is was the throb between Callie’s legs had become. She could feel a rush of liquid slowly begin its descent down her core. The time for waiting was over, Callie wanted what was hers and she wanted it now. Staring into the cerulean blue to make sure the woman was going to be compliant; she kissed the rosy lips in front of her once more, trying to convey not only her arousal but love too. Her hands found the small scrap of material still attached to Arizona’s body and with the help of the blonde lifting her hips, the thong was removed swiftly and joined the pile on the floor.

Callie’s hand found a warm thigh as she wrapped it around her hips once more, the other leg followed on its own accord, Arizona just grateful it was something she could still somewhat control. The Latina placed hot wet kisses on the blonde’s rising chest, she could feel and hear the heavy breathing along with the subtle whimpers of delight when she guided her tongue over the pink peaks.

“Calliope, you’re driving me crazy,” Arizona whispered into the dark room. It was the truth. The woman couldn’t focus on anything but the sensual brunette and her sexy curves on top. Had someone asked her a simple question like how to diagnose short gut syndrome her mind would draw a blank.

“That’s the point mi amor,” the ortho surgeon grinned back.

Callie rolled her hips forward for maximum effect. If her lover was going crazy now, she was in for a big surprise. Mutual moans vibrated around the room as wet cores connected for the first time. Arizona delighted in the sensation and opened her legs a little wider to accommodate her partner.

Callie’s lips found her girlfriend’s ear and whispered deeply. “Mmm you like that Arizona? You like feeling me drip on to you?” Oh dear God. The blonde wasn’t sure anything was sexier than Calliope dirty talkin’ like that. She could only moan in response as her hands gripped the steel bar tightly, wishing more than anything than she could run them down Callie’s back and dig her nails into the brunette’s shoulders.

“I asked you a question.” Callie’s voice breezed through her ears like silk as her hips once again rolled against the others before lifting up to remove contact.


“Tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it,” the taller woman growled.

The blonde licked her lips. Callie wasn’t making this easy. “I want you inside of me. I want your fingers in me, fucking me.” But Arizona was no shy wallflower in the bedroom and she could be just as unabashedly dirty.

She was rewarded with a groan from her girlfriend as Callie roughly grinded down once more, slickness causing the most amazing friction for both as their clits connected and pulsated together. Arizona’s head rolled back in ecstasy, her knuckles white with anticipation and eyes firmly shut tight. The Latina started a slow rhythm with her hips.

“Say my name,” the brunette demanded.

“C-Callie, oh fuck, please, I need more of you.” The taller woman smirked and trailed the pointed tip of her tongue up Arizona’s neck and along her jaw and up to her ear. “I will fuck you in a moment Arizona, but right now, I want you to remember this moment, remember how you begged for me to be in you, remember how you whimpered every time I touched your skin, remember how wet I made you and remember that you are not the only one who gets to be in control…”

Arizona was panting hard as she heard the words hit her ears. “I will, I will, I will,” she chanted, hoping that it was said with some conviction and the woman on top would soon make good on her promise.

“Good.” The tanned woman tilted her partner’s chin forward and clashed their lips together, tongues penetrating harshly as Arizona conveyed her need for a different form of penetration elsewhere. She could feel moisture escape her groin and run down on to the white linen but couldn’t find it in herself to be apologetic for the hospital’s laundry staff in any form.

Callie broke the kiss panting; she needed this as much as Arizona. She squeezed the blonde’s left breast harshly before trailing her hand down the toned stomach and finding the trimmed short hairs at her core. Rubbing along the surface, Callie’s right hand planed forward until it felt hot damp perfection. Arizona’s hands opened and closed against the metal as she felt the electric contact on her clit.

Callie rubbed the hardened bud in a circular motion a couple of times before gliding through the slick heat to the blonde’s awaiting opening. Fuck she was so wet and ready. Callie made a quick mental note to tease Arizona like this again in future.

“Please baby…” Arizona begged once more for some relief. Her pussy felt like it was on fire and she needed the remedy quickly. Callie acquiesced and slid two fingers halfway into the dripping slit. An animalistic moan escaped the blonde’s lips as she felt the impact of finally getting her desire. Locking eyes with her girlfriend, Callie used her hips against her hand and bucked hard into the paler body. A shockwave of pleasure coursed through the surgeon’s system as she felt her lover fill her deeply.

“Oh god yesss,” Arizona hissed, however her sexual bliss was halted by the sound that no person in their predicament wanted to hear, the sound of the door handle opening slowly. The women froze as the imposter flooded light into the room. Callie apparently had forgotten to lock the door too.

A/N: I’m sorry that was mean to leave it there but you love it really! I’ll try and get part 2 completed quickly.

FIC: Twelve Hours Each (2/?)
Title: Twelve Hours Each

Author: Purplelily21 (a.k.a DeviantOrchid on

Pairing: Callie/Arizona

Rating: M

Summary: Callie and Arizona have a whole day off together. Who decides how they spend it and what will they get up to?

A/N: Thanks for the nice reviews of the last chapter. Hope this one does not disappoint.

The distinctive noise of some form of crockery being unceremoniously dropped into the sink woke Callie Torres from her deep comatose like sleep. Gradually she blinked both eyes until the stinging morning sensation decreased and all that was left was a faint blurriness slightly emphasised by the bright sliver of sunshine streaming in from Arizona’s side of the bed. Well it had become Arizona’s side of the room if she really thought about it. The blonde had acquired her own bedside table, a separate set of drawers and always made sure to put her dirty laundry in a small hamper on the right instead of the large one in the bathroom and all this was non-inclusive of the vast array of makeup, hair products and creamy lotions carefully arranged on the dresser at the foot of the bed.

Callie couldn’t remember how all this, ‘crap’ for lack of a better word, ended up in her room but she was surprised that she really didn’t mind its residence. Then again, she did tend to move rather swiftly from one stage to the next in her past relationships, hell just look at the George debacle, in some ways she should have expected to feel this level of comfort and acceptance in realising that she was basically living with her girlfriend. But this was Arizona, a woman who was so completely intricate and secretive in her mannerisms let alone her emotional needs, Callie had to wonder if the enigma she called her partner already knew of this development and had yet to bring it to the surface, frightened by the repercussions of such an act.

Another startling ruckus pulled the brunette’s attention away from her inner monologue on her relationship and guided her thoughts to what the hell her other half was doing in the kitchen at- before she could even turn her face to read the time, Bruno Mars blared out from the alarm set the previous night- yep there it was, eight o’clock on the dot, Arizona was many things, tardy was not one of them. Muffled cursing could also now be heard amongst the banging and cupboard knocking situation, apparently quiet and subtle were also not some of the peds surgeons qualities either. Pity. Nope when Arizona was up, she wanted everyone to be up too, that included the sleep loving Latina who merely scratched her head, pulled her muscles into action and heaved her body into an upright position well aware that this one man band would only increase in volume until the inevitable began. She shuddered at the mere thought.

Arizona had this ‘game’ she liked to play, an urban version of poking a bear with a stick if you will, in which she started by waking a dozing Callie with a soft good morning. This usually got her nowhere so the volume would increase. Again, Callie barely responded to this form of disruption so Arizona would start getting ready and dressed rather loudly, heavy footsteps on the parquet flooring, letting the wardrobe doors fall closed by themselves harshly and the oh so believable ‘morning coughs’, that sort of stuff.
When this did little to force her lover awake and up, Arizona pulled out the heavy duty artillery, the one method that always succeeded without fail, Calliope’s Kryptonite, her Achilles heel, her holy water: pulling off the sheets and covers and throwing them in the living room.

If there was one thing Callie hated more than being kept awake at night, it was this cold, callous and downright rude tactic that Arizona not only used to accomplish her goal of getting the brunette out of the bed rather swiftly in the morning, but took glee in the mission of riling the orthopod up whilst getting her own way in the process. However this ‘game’ had only ever occurred three, maybe four times tops as the perky doctor found out that the consequences for her mischief entailed no lifts to or from work in the rain, three and a half days without sex, the laces of her Heelys being stolen and her favourite donuts always being mysteriously sold out at the coffee cart no matter what time of day she frequented it at. The overriding message was clear; do not piss off Calliope Torres.

The Latina stretched her arms behind her back before shutting off the impromptu music that actually encapsulated her exact thoughts, today she swore she wasn’t doing anything, she just wanted to lay in her bed. Unlike Mr Mars however she had a girlfriend who disagreed. Running her hands through her ebony mane, she made her way through to said girlfriend in hopes of receiving a cup of coffee at the very least for her efforts.

“Good morning Calliope,” the blonde chirped as she dried of the rest of the dishes and pottered about the kitchen.

Callie checked the coffee pot, silently thanking God for its fullness and warmth. “Mornin’.”

“You sleep ok? Here.” Arizona handed Callie a mug who took a seat on one of the black stools before bringing over a large green coloured box from the couple’s favourite breakfast place, 626, a clever word play on its opening hours.

“Yeah, once I had some peace I was out like a light, you?” the ortho surgeon responded wryly, a small smirk playing on her face whilst she sipped away at her nectar like beverage eyeing up the apricot and pecan danish staring back at her.

Arizona scoffed and pulled the pastries away from Callie’s long reach. “Oh yeah, it was awesome, if only it wasn’t interrupted by the snoring starfish next to me…”

Callie opened her mouth in shock, failing to throw a witty comeback at the woman now smirking at her on the opposite side of the kitchen island and instead opting for a ‘pfft’ and a jut of the chin. “I do not snore.” Outright denial of the topic was on the agenda for today.

Arizona smiled warmly, eyes crinkling in the corners as she took a sip of her own coffee. “It’s alright, I’ve grown…accustomed…to your ‘non-snores’.” Callie just rolled her eyes in return.

Coming around to the Latina’s side, the peds surgeon twirled the seat slightly to the right, narrowly avoiding a coffee tidal wave on Callie’s lap so that the brunette was now facing her.

“Something I can help you with Dr Robbins?” For the first time this morning, Callie was alert enough to notice that sadly the short shorts had already been disposed of but an admirable replacement of more day appropriate denim shorts and a coral coloured tank took precedence on the paler woman’s lithe form. Her eyes roamed over the body in front, capturing the beauty and downright sex appeal that Arizona seemed to radiate all day every day.

The blonde inched herself between the other woman’s knees, her left side leaning against the countertop in a nonchalant stance tinged with inherited authority. “You owe me something Torres and I’m here to collect.”

Callie licked her lips, somewhat removing the extra coffee moisture, the other part just to tease and play along with this happy morning mood. “Sorry, don’t know what you’re talking about. You musta made a mistake,” she replied setting down her cup, eyes now drawn to the delicious cream coloured skin at the swell of her girlfriend’s breasts. Arizona smiled at the action. For someone who came out as bisexual relatively late in life, Callie had developed quite the fascination for boobs, in particular the ones in her line of sight.

“Eyes up Calliope. The sound isn’t coming from my chest.”

Dark cocoa eyes flicked upwards to receive a sexy smirk full of appreciation. “I can multi-task,” she replied with a cheeky grin. “So what are you collecting exactly?”

“Oh you know what I want.” The blonde not so subtly glanced at the woman beneath her, focusing intently on those plump soft lips.
Callie smiled and pulled on the peach material, bunching it between her first and lowering her girlfriend’s mouth to a more reachable height. “Mmm I think do,” she husked before crashing their lips together in a less than chaste first kiss of the morning. One of Arizona’s hands instinctively travelled and settled on her partner’s smooth tan cheek, the other stabilising her body on the worktop, her groin unconsciously pushing further towards the other.

The taste of coffee lingered on the blonde’s tongue as the Latina pulled her closer and sucked languidly on the fleshy muscle, pushing and pulling, tangling like dancers caught in a passionate tango. Opening her knees wider to welcome the warm body pressing in, Callie found her lover’s ass and grabbed the firm flesh, squeezing with enthusiasm at an appendage she was more than fond of. Arizona had an amazing ass and damn if they woman didn’t use it to her advantage, especially in those shorts. They broke apart naturally, foreheads resting against one another, smiles mirroring and breaths speeding accordingly.

“Always gotta have my morning kiss,” the blonde whispered against her partner’s lips. “You should get dressed though, time’s a ticking and although I love love love making out with you in our kitchen, I have plans for the rest of the morning that involve us going outside, that sound ok?” Arizona stepped back slightly, mostly to discourage her body from ravishing the tan woman below her, well for the moment anyway, she just had to have patience til later.

“Um ok but I was really liking where this was going…” Callie’s voice dropped an octave as her hand snuck up a toned milky thigh. She placed tiny barely there kisses on the delicate collar bone presented to her, sucking every now and again and toying with the porcelain pleasure under her lips. Arizona couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped if she tried. Callie smiled into the velvety texture. Her plan of distraction was working. Now for the finishing touch.
Arizona moaned as the incredibly talented fingers planed over her flesh and onto denim, not slowing or stopping until they reached the destination of her crotch. The brunette cupped the peds surgeon, applying the perfect amount of pressure to heighten the pleasure without being overly rough and aggressive.

“Calliope…” It was whispered reverently, a prayer almost, whether to perpetuate Callie’s motions or halt her altogether was undecided.


“You have to s-stop that.” A tongue poked out to glide further south, tasting and enjoying the supple skin that was the valley of Arizona’s breasts.


“The plans,” she gasped as Callie’s massaging hand came into contact with her clit through the material. “Mmm, I…we…have plans.” The hand that wasn’t between the blonde’s legs started to sneak underneath the sheer fabric.

“What plans?” Callie pulled Arizona to her lips once more, as their chests began to heave signalling the intensification of arousal that was coursing through both their veins.

Arizona knew she had to stop this now or never. Fuck she wanted Callie to keep kissing her here and touching her there but she had a schedule dammit and she couldn’t just throw off their whole day for a quickie in bed. They had plenty of time tonight to have sex. Beautiful sunny days like this did not come around often.

“N-n-no, no.” Arizona pulled away abruptly. Her face now contained a slight flush, pupils dilated and nostrils flared as her body betrayed her logic. “Go, go shower, get dressed we’re going for a walk.”

“A walk?! We can walk anytime!” Callie was more than ready to continue what she’d started. The throbbing feeling between her legs agreed. Arizona just gave her the look. The look that only foolish interns were on the receiving end of. The look that meant there was no wiggle room or loopholes.

“Fine.” Callie exhaled. “But we’re picking this up later; I believe I have part control of today too and I plan on using it wisely.” Arizona just ran her hand through her hair before waving it in the direction of the bathroom. Shifting in her shorts that now felt awful restrictive and uncomfortable she couldn’t help but chuckle before grabbing a donut to take her mind off of a certain orthopaedic surgeon. This was going to be a fun, but long day off…

FIC: Twelve Hours Each (1/?)
Title: Twelve Hours Each
Author: Purplelily21 (a.k.a DeviantOrchid on
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: T for now, NC-17 eventually, I think?!
Summary: Callie and Arizona have a whole day off together. Who decides how they spend it and what will they get up to?

Disclaimer:All television shows, books, movies, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work and the characters, events, and settings thereof are the properties of their respective owners. No profit was earned during the making and posting of this fic.

A/N: I have no idea how many chapters this will entail but I have time this month and some form of inspiration so I thought why not give writing a go again. Also I'm from the UK so I spell colours with a 'u' and words like generalise with a 's' not a 'z'. Sorry for confusion. Enjoy!

Callie Torres let out a sigh of relief as she pulled the dark denim up her caramel legs and fastened the zip and button hastily. She’d completed a 28 hour shift and was more than ready for her thumping head to hit the pillow and black out already, that is if her roommate was gonna keep the noise down tonight. Hearing the gruff trauma surgeon pound the Asian woman against their fridge the other night had made Callie’s ‘Top Ten Most Disturbing Moments of My Life’ list along with catching her parents having sex, finding her pet ferret in her sister’s dog’s mouth and having a patient vomit on to her face in her intern year and Owen’s mortification at seeing her the next day had not made up for the horror. Apparently Yang had convinced him Callie was staying at Arizona’s and they had the place to themselves, once the orthopod emerged from her room, it was crystal clear that Yang had been lying. Needless to say, Callie was less than impressed. A text beeped through confirming that the incident wouldn’t be a repeat. Tonight she had the apartment, Yang was now at Owen’s, Arizona should already be there in her bed, hopefully in those tiny tiny shorts or maybe if she was lucky nothing at all and...beep beep...and shit, what now? Callie palmed her Blackberry and quickly checked her emails. She puffed the air out of her cheeks reading that it was just a schedule update and one that actually worked in her favour. Looks like she and Arizona would actually have the day off tomorrow, together, one whole day of bed, food and sex and it could not have come at a better time. With a grin on her face and her signature leather jacket resting snugly on her form, the surgeon left the hospital still weary, still exhausted yet utterly content with this new gift of freedom.

Walking into the apartment that was surprisingly clean, a rarity that living with Yang ensued, Callie admired the work tops and floor space once more. God her girlfriend was a gift from heaven, clearly this was Arizona’s doing, the neatly stacked magazines, the dvds in alphabetical order instead of on the floor, the red wine bottles stacked carefully in their rack, yep this reeked of Arizona’s anal attentiveness and the brunette shook her head in admiration and thankfulness. Toeing off her pumps and putting them by the rest of the shoes, Callie padded through her apartment intent on crawling if need be to her cove of beddingy goodness. Ok so beddingy wasn’t a word but shit, she was tired and in desperate need of rest and in ten or less steps that was just what she was going to get as she stepped into her room. Cylindrical spatters of gold peeped out of the paisley pattern whilst a foot stuck out from the bottom of the mahogany structure, Callie couldn’t be sure if she’d ever loved somebody more than in this moment right here right now. The soft snores of her partner filled the otherwise silent room and she made effort in keeping quiet whilst removing her own clothing lest she disturb the slumbering beauty to her right. Softly she slipped in beside the blonde, precariously laying her pager and ID on her bedside cabinet before fluffing her pillow, sorting her red shortie nightgown and moulding her body into the Egyptian cotton sheets. Normally she’d cuddle into the woman beside her but tonight she didn’t want to disturb her and if she were being completely honest, once hitting this stage of tiredness, both her and Arizona liked their space to drift off peacefully. Just as her lids fluttered closed she felt movement. Arizona shifted and turned over to face the brunette, her eyelids hooded with sleep and dreams, a small smile gracing her perfect rosy lips.  

“Hi.” The word came out slightly croaky and obviously laced with lethargy.

Callie gave a little grin in return and tucked a roving curl behind its owner’s ear. “Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you, I was trying to be quiet.”

“You didn’t really wake me. I was just dozing until you came home.” Huh. Home. Arizona had never really thought of how that sounded until now but it rolled off her tongue so easily and home is what this modern two bedroom apartment had become for her. Its bat-cave like appearance had concerned her before, sure it was edgy and ‘cool’ but what it really needed was a splash of homeliness, happiness, a touch of her, Arizona, to make it really sparkle, she hoped that conversation wasn’t so far away in the distant future.

“Well here I am. Did you have a good day baby?” Arizona smiled in return. Callie very rarely used pet names, she wasn’t sure if it was because this was her first real relationship with a woman and so wasn’t accustomed to referring to another woman in such a manner or because the ortho god wasn’t a fan of such familiarities but when they did come out, usually when Callie was incredibly sleepy, it warmed the blonde’s heart so deeply.  

“So so. I’m better now you’ve joined the slumber party,” the peds surgeon replied with a small light-hearted giggle.

“Can we call it a party if we do it every night and with just the two of us?”

“Meh, I don’t see why not, plus are you complaining? Do you really want other guests to attend this private event? All kinds of people seeing me in my short shorts...”

Callie couldn’t help it, she had to see them. Peeking under the covers she could indeed see that her girlfriend was definitely not lying, there they were in all their glory, green and hot pink stripes with an orange ribbon to accentuate staring back at her just begging to be touched and taken off, maybe in the morning though when they could both really appreciate the brunette’s efforts.

“No. Mmmhmm, nope. Those better be for my eyes only.” Callie replaced the duvet and smiled brightly whilst her eyes remained heavy. She was still exhausted but she loved moments like these where she could be silly and happy and just relax with the woman she adored more than bones, and that was saying something. “Oh did you get the email?”

Arizona looked at her quizzically. “You sent me an email at-” she craned her neck to see the red digits glowing on Callie’s side of the bed, “half eleven at night?”

“I didn’t, the Chief did, something about an emergency VIP procedure taking priority so other surgeries have been pushed back due to security measures and space or something, anyway the point is we both now have tomorrow off. All. Day. And. Night,” Callie replied placing gentle kisses on her lover’s lips as she spoke the last few words.

“For reals?” Arizona asked, her body already buzzing with possibilities at the new information leaked to her ears. Callie let out a sharp burst of laughter. Dear God, who used the phrase ‘for reals’ after the age of thirteen? She figured that’s what working in peds did to a person.  

“I kid you not.”

“Oh the Gods do favour us and bestow this gift upon us at such an opportune time.”

Callie’s eyebrow shot up at the remark, ‘for reals’ wasn’t sounding so stupid now. “Stop. Enough with the ‘ancient’ talk. I told you I wasn’t going to let you watch Spartacus again if you copied that shit, one full day of it was plenty,” she huffed as she plumped up her pillow once more before wiggling in to create a little nest of covers and sheets around her body. Arizona frowned in response.

“But you like it when Lucy Lawless does it.”

Callie chuckled. “Oh honey, that’s not why I like Lucy Lawless. Now sleep.” The brunette stuck out the index and middle finger of her right hand towards the other woman’s face and carefully closed her eyelids in hopes that they could now get some rest together. Kissing her girlfriend blindly but delicately, Arizona rolled over but stayed close to her lover’s body, knowing that she probably needed space tonight and they could cuddle tomorrow, the comfort of nearness being perfect for now. She could hear Callie’s breathing tailor off into a different pattern, she was already entering a deeper state of sleep than the blonde had all night, this never failed to amaze Arizona and she smiled at the thought of her girlfriend’s ease at turning off whenever she needed to. Arizona however was now turning the cogs in her head to think of plans for tomorrow. Identical days off were a rare occurrence and not a thing to be wasted on trivial events like laundry or mending things by sewing. Damn how she hated sewing. Something about the texture of manmade material as opposed to skin made her angry and don’t even get her started on washing machines and their ability to ruin lovely crisp expensive designer shirts and turn them into unsightly pink monstrosities. Pink was not in her top five favourite colours and ‘red sock dyed my whites pink’? Well that colour could just burn in hell for all she cared. Chancing her luck with the snoozing woman beside her, Arizona spoke into the dark not all that quietly.

“Calliope?” It was a stage whisper at best.

“Whaaaaaat?” Came the muffled and less than pleased response.

“Sorry to wake you up but I need to know what time to set the alarm. I was thinking seven?”

If Callie’s ears could laugh they would have for they must have mistaken what was just said. The orthopedic surgeon remained quiet.

“Calliope? Are you asleep again?” Arizona turned over once more to check on the taller woman’s status.

“No I misheard and just thought you said to wake up at seven on our day off.”

“I did.”

Callie laughed a sharp bark of a mocking laugh. “No freakin’ way. Try again Robbins.”

“Fine eight at the latest,” Arizona said with a nod of the head before fixing her phone’s alarm.

“Eight?” Callie couldn’t help the anger that laced her question. She didn’t mean to be moody but damn she was tired and Arizona was not playing fair tonight.

“Yes eight. I don’t want to waste the day away in bed sleeping.” There was her military upbringing coming out, thank you Colonel Robbins.

“Sleeping is not wasting, sleeping is amazing, sleeping is great, sleeping is ‘awesome’ even, try it.” Callie adjusted her body and starfished herself on her tummy as best as possible with an alert Arizona next to her.

“I get it I really do but this is the first joint day off in over a month and I want to take my girlfriend out and show her off and be a proper couple outside of the hospital where I can’t always hold your hand or kiss you when I feel like it.” Oh yeah, appealing to the orthopod’s ego and sensitive side should totally change her mind on this time issue. ‘Nicely done Arizona’, the blonde internally congratulated herself.

“Fine.” It was faint but it was confirmation and the battle had been won. A silent audience applauded and roared with appreciation in the blonde’s head at her success… “But I get to choose what we do.” And then the fake audience booed loudly. Callie opened one eye to catch her girlfriend’s response at this.

Arizona’s face contorted with displeasure. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Not that she was entirely opposed to a day with Callie picking what they did but the couple didn’t always agree on activities, restaurants or even music choices and Arizona wanted to be outdoors in the park tomorrow as it was supposed to be sunny whereas Callie preferred watching ‘the game’ in a bar or playing a game of pool or even going all out and renting a motor bike for the day, something badass and edgy.

“Um ok I guess but how about we both pick something. Oooh oh I have a better idea.” The paler woman smiled and rested her elbow on the pillow, head leaning on her hand whilst curls spilt over her shoulder. All Callie could think was how lucky Arizona was to be so beautiful, anyone else would have duct tape across their mouth, a pillow case over their head and a lonely cold night on the sofa for this amount of nightly interruption. Instead she just rose a manicured brow again hoping that shutting up would become infectious and catch on.

“We’ll take shifts,” typical doctor the brunette thought, “every two hours we alternate, so for example, I’ll get to choose from eight until ten in the morning, you take ten until twelve and so on, that way we can fit as much in as needed and no one can complain about having to spend four hours at the bowling and arcade place pretending that they didn’t enjoy it when clearly they did because they went to get change three times to play on the zombie killing machine guns thing and-” Callie’s lips covered her rambling lover’s and silenced any further discussion on the topic. Slowly mouths melded into one as the kiss became sensual but soft, tender but not overtly sexual. Callie pulled back and pecked Arizona once more.

“Ok, sounds good. Now please, for me, just try and sleep, m’kay?”

“Ok,” she responded kissing Callie one final time and lying on her side again. “Goodnight Calliope.”

“Goodnight Arizona.” Callie smiled and silently chuckled to herself, of all the surgeons in all the lands, she picked this one and damn if it wasn’t the best pick of all. Thinking to hell with space she sidled up to the blonde’s side, a tan arm fitted around a slim waist and a smooth cheek rested in the crook of Arizona’s neck and shoulder, both women at peace and enamoured with the other and for once, heavily anticipating the rise of the sun.

Whispered Liaisons
Title: Whispered Liaisons
Author: Purplelily21 from LJ (a.k.a DeviantOrchid) and Rocky Top from
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: T
Summary: There's a rumour involving a certain blonde peds doctor going around Seattle Grace-Mercy West hospital that has all the staff gossiping for answers.
Disclaimer: All television shows, books, movies, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work and the characters, events, and settings thereof are the properties of their respective owners. No profit was earned during the making and posting of this fic.

Dr Arizona Robbins, head of Paediatric surgery in Seattle Grace - Mercy West was having a pretty awesome day if she didn’t say so herself, she’d performed two successful surgeries and was consulting on a complex case all before 2pm, plus she’d managed to squeeze in a quick lunch which had included a spontaneous make out session (and then some) with a certain Latina in their on-call room. Yep, totally awesome day so far. Heeling along the spotless corridors, she smiled dimples and all, at her co-workers as she made her way to meet her friend, the relatively new cardio god also known as Teddy. Her wheels propelled her forward, the soft whooshing sound echoed on the ivory ground, passing oblivious nurses, doctors and specialists as she kicked and swerved her way towards her next patient. Despite what her ortho rock star thought, she was totally a pro on these things even perfecting skating backwards when the coast was clear and no one was there to witness an improbable stumble or tumble to the ground. Unfortunately, breaking was still a slight issue although she would deny it if ever asked and when the sought out heart surgeon suddenly made a sharp turn towards her out of a patient’s room her ‘pure skillz’ came into question.

“Oomph!” It wasn’t graceful. It wasn’t soft. But it was amusing to the few onlookers who happened to witness the collision. Amazingly, both women remained upright.

“Shoot, I’m sorry, didn’t see you there,” the blonde grinned sheepishly, hoping her smile and braids may quell any anger or annoyance, much like it did with almost anyone the surgeon came into contact with.

“You know Iraq didn’t really prepare me for ‘wheelie sneaks’ Robbins,” the taller blonde retorted, sarcasm and humour laced in her tone. She had broached a topic that neither doctor brought up often but yet both had bonded over the commonality of a military background shared.
The blonde let out a sharp laugh as she smoothed down her scrubs and brushed off some imaginary lint.

“Alright well clearly they are slacking; infidels wouldn’t see these babies coming!” The blonde kicked up one foot proud with a sickening grin plastered on her face; Teddy just smirked and shook her head.

“Are you ready for this atrial septic defect then?”

“Absolutely, let’s go and talk to Matty’s Dad and get these lab results and I’m all yours for the day.”

“You sure Torres won’t mind that?” The older surgeon asked with a grin in place.

“Uh no! Don’t you worry; I kept her going for the rest of the day.” The smug manner was evident to anyone within hearing distance.

“I’m sure you did.” And with that the two surgeons headed back in to the room, swapping charts and notes preparing for the upcoming operation that was sure to drain them of all skills and knowledge.
“ I know I’d never go there cause, ewww, so your territory not mine, but I gotta say, that tiny human’s father may be the best looking guy in Seattle, you should get in there,” the blonde hinted as they strolled to the nurse station preparing final notes.

“Ok one, I thought you were all ‘yay goldstar lesbian and proud’ and two, this is our patient Arizona!” Teddy retorted, disgust and slight intrigue within her tone.

“He’s good man candy, I’m just saying!” The blonde huffed in response.

“Well don’t.” Teddy smiled. “Besides, I’m staying off guys for the time being.”
“You sure you don’t want to update the father?” Arizona gave Teddy a teasing smile as they scrubbed out of surgery. “It was a complete success, and you never know, he might be so elated that he kisses a pretty surgeon.” She wiggled her eyebrows for added affect.
Teddy playfully rolled her eyes at her new friend. Arizona was persistent; she had to say that about her. “I’ll pass.” She chuckled at the way Arizona pouted.

“Besides, I’m meeting Owen for lunch. It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other and we really haven’t had the chance to catch up since I came to Seattle.”
Arizona released a dramatic sigh and turned off the water faucet. “Suit yourself.” She dried her hands and waited as Teddy did the same. “You never know when you’re going to meet Mr. Right though.”
Teddy scoffed, “I’ll be happy just meeting Mr. Right Now.”
Arizona giggled and held the door open for Teddy as they passed into the hallway. “I’ve had moments like that.”

“I hear you Ms. Man Candy,” Teddy teased and the two women shared a laugh as Owen approached.

“See?” Arizona nudged Teddy with her elbow and nodded at Owen, who was still out of ear shot. “Man candy. Just be sure to throw away the wrapper.” Arizona winked and Teddy guffawed at her bold words.

“Arizona!” Teddy scolded in a whisper. “He is dating my resident!”

“I know,” Arizona gave a cheeky smile. She knew Teddy would never play the part of the ‘other woman’, but she couldn’t resist teasing her. “I never said you had to eat all the candy bar.” Arizona winked as Teddy chuckled. “See you on afternoon rounds, Dr. Altman.” She nodded at Owen before kicking up her wheels and rolling down the hall and out of sight.
Teddy smiled. She truly liked her new friend, even if she was a bit childish at times. But part of Teddy assumed that was just an act, given her chosen field in paediatrics. The wheelie shoes were a nice touch though.
“How was the surgery?” Owen asked, bringing Teddy from inner musings.

“Huh? Oh, it went well. He’s going to make a full recovery.” Teddy smiled and began walking down the hallway with Owen in tow.

“Congratulations, Dr. Altman,” he replied, maintaining his professional respect that was sometimes lacking from his surgical counterparts.

“I couldn’t have done it without Arizona’s help.” Teddy was trying to modest, but she knew her and Arizona had rocked that surgery. “Buy me lunch to celebrate?”

“Sure thing.” Owen smiled at his long time friend. “Oh.” He stopped and reached into his pocket, pulling out a Snickers bar. “The vending machine is on the blink again and it gave me two of these. You want the second one?” Teddy looked at the slightly crumpled candy bar and began to giggle as she remembered what Arizona had said. Needless to say, Owen was confused. “Um, you don’t have to eat it, if you don’t want to…”
Teddy doubled over and slapped her knee, seemingly lost in her own world as Owen echoed Arizona’s words.
Owen gave an awkward courteous laugh, hoping his friend would stop soon as several nurses and doctors stopped and stared at the pair. “I offered it to Dr. Torres, but she doesn’t like peanuts so I figured you would want it instead.” He was well aware that his embarrassment was causing him to ramble so he cleared his throat. “Teddy?”

“Torres doesn’t like peanuts” Teddy laughed harder this time. “Of course she doesn’t like nuts.” She couldn’t bring herself to explain the childish humour she found in that sentence as Callie was now dating a woman.

“How did you know?”

“Arizona told me.” She couldn’t resist that one, even if it did go over Owen’s head. Teddy tried to bring herself under control and straightened her posture.

“Sorry, Owen.” She smiled shyly as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“What was that about?”

“Arizona and I were talking about how the father of our patient was man candy.” The control teddy had on her laughter faltered and she snorted. “She said she would eat him and throw him away.”

“Man candy?” Owen questioned. He was confused as ever at this point.
Teddy giggled. “It’s a woman thing, Owen. You wouldn’t understand,” she patted his shoulder and continued down the hallway.

“Arizona wants to sleep with a man? What?” He shook his head in confusion. “I thought she was a lesbian?”

“Never mind, buddy,” Teddy smiled and linked her arm through his. “Come on, buy me lunch.”

Nurse Caroline was quietly filling in paperwork at the station, finally getting a moment to catch up from her hectic morning schedule that had been nothing but emergencies and chaos since she arrived at eight sharp. She was currently pondering if cardio was actually all it was cracked up to be and wouldn’t it be more fun to help and play with babies all day, when a pair of surgeons stumbled by, one she recognised as the new cardio thoracic attending. Catching only the briefest moment of conversation she reached over the desk, resting on the edge with a carefully perched elbow, straining to hear if any scandalous gossip would brighten up her day.

“Arizona wants to sleep with a man? What? I thought she was a lesbian?”

Woah! Jackpot! Oh my, just what will Dr Torres have to say about this titillating titbit? Smirking she bent forward more to catch the rest of the conversation but not before her arm slipped surging her body on to the desk and colliding her arm with the solid surface making a small thud to match her grunt of embarrassment. Dr Altman gave her a weird look over her shoulder as she walked away with the big ginger trauma guy whose name Caroline couldn’t remember right now. She shot an awkward grin back and pretended to resume her work before closing the file and skipping off to find a certain doctor whom she knew would definitely brighten up the rest of her shift.
The air was thick and her brow damp as she swept some stray strands away from her eyes, pupils dilated in delight, smile adorned whilst she unhooked her legs from his waist and bent over to retrieve her scrub pants.

“Mmm, always such a pleasure Dr Sloan.” The plastic surgeon grinned one hell of a lecherous smile as he tied his own bottoms securely and swatted her playfully on the ass.

“Trust me, the pleasure’s all mine. So, same time tomorrow?”

“I’ll be there.” She winked and turned to leave before remembering her earlier dalliance with eavesdropping. “Unless that is, you’ll have found another blonde that tickles your fancy…” Mark arched his brow in confusion, at the moment he was in a brunette phase although Caroline was his exception, that banging body and dirty mouth being enough to make any straight man have second thoughts.

“Excuse me?”

“Well I just heard that Dr Robbins was on the lookout, you know, a pretty girl like her, hot guy like you, just made sense I guess,” without giving him time to respond she smirked and scooted back to her patients, this time with a little giddy-up in her step. Mark was left rubbing the scruff on his chin, trying to figure out what the hell that was supposed to mean and how much of his penis he’d have left if he even entertained the idea of heaving Robbins into this room, Torres was feisty and hot-blooded at the best of times. He shuddered and shook his head a little before making a beeline for the attending lounge, dimples and monkey badges suddenly on the brain.
Opening the door he spotted his best guy friend drinking coffee and scrutinising over a neurology medical journal at the table. Grabbing a cup of lukewarm ‘motor oil’, the light haired surgeon took a chair, swung it around to face backwards and straddled the thing in an annoying ,and apparently necessary, display of masculinity.

“Guess what I just found out?” Derek’s eyes slowly left the paper, his thumb keeping his spot in the article.

“Is this related to surgery in any way or should I even bother asking such a ridiculous question to you?” Mark just gave a cocky grin in return. Derek scoffed and shook his head, a small smile playing on his lips, at least some things never changed, especially with the man in front of him. “So, trashy and inappropriate it is then. No thank you Dr Sloan.” He tucked the journal under his arm and made a move to leave.

“No no no, this is good. Like leave the five inch stilettos on, take the rest off and bend over good!” He chuckled at his analogy.

“What Mark? I have surgery in-” he checked his watch, “ten minutes.”

“Robbins wants me.”
Shepherd couldn’t contain his incredulous and confused expression. “As in Arizona Robbins…the paediatric surgeon… currently dating Torres… your friend?”
“The one and only.” Mark took a sip and sighed. “Mmm that’s good coffee.”

“And how may I ask do you know this?”

“Oh come on! Who doesn’t want a piece of this?”

“A woman with half of a brain cell?” Derek dead panned, causing Mark’s face to fall briefly before he remembered the conversation at hand.
‘’A hot little birdie told me, she heard it through the hospital grapevine…Maybe I can get Torres involved too, nothing like a three way to really make a relaxing Wednesday that much sweeter.”

“That’s wrong even for you. I’ll see you at Joes later. Don’t be an idiot.”

“What?!” Mark asked, charming smirk in place as he laughed before throwing the shitty coffee in the bin. “It’s only idiotic if you get caught!”
Derek moved his hands under the cool, flowing water before scrubbing them. He looked up and into the observation theatre, smiling at his ‘post-it’ wife. He was glad to have Meredith observing today, if only for the distraction of Mark’s conversation. Derek chuckled and shook his head before muttering under his breath “insanity.”

“What is?” Miranda Bailey asked as she stood beside him, also beginning the process of scrubbing in. “Talking to yourself?”

“No,” Derek smirked, “I was remembering a conversation I had with Sloan earlier-“

“Wup, say no more,” Bailey interrupted, causing Derek to laugh. “That boy is insane and I do not need to know his bizness before I open up a patient unless it’s relevant.” She glanced into the theatre as she entered the OR and frowned as she spotted Cristina Yang shooing an intern out of the seat that was next to Meredith. “I see you have your personal fan club today.”
Derek followed her gaze and winked at Meredith as the scrub nurse secured his surgical gown behind his neck. “The twisted sisters are never too far apart.”
Bailey shook her head, knowing that Derek was accurate in his assumption. Derek chuckled again slightly; Sloan’s audacity to think he could now ‘convert’ lesbians was becoming amusing once more. “What has Sloan done that’s making you talk and now laugh to yourself?” She asked, drawing them both back to the original conversation.
Derek hesitated briefly, knowing how Bailey felt about gossip. “How well do you know Dr. Robbins?”

“Other than she has a ridiculous name and tried to tell me my treatment plan was a waste of time when she first arrived, nothing much. You know how I feel about personal.” Derek only nodded in return. Bailey could feel curiosity getting the better of her. “What about her?” She hated herself for asking as soon as the confident smile spread across Derek’s face, making his eyes crinkle above his surgical mask.

“Apparently Sloan thinks she wants him.”

“Wants him where?” She asked before her common sense gave her the answer. “Oh. Wait. Really?”

“He’s convinced that she’s straight and secretly pining after him.”

“Did you hear that?!” Cristina, having only heard a tiny bit of the doctor’s conversation from the sketchy intercom, turned to her best friend. “Roller Girl is straight!”

“That’s nice,” Meredith dismissed her friend with a wave of her hand. “Now hush. I wanna see this.”
Cristina scoffed. “Please, you can see that anytime! Arizona is straight! Mer, this is huge! What about Callie?” She crossed her arms over her chest, leaned back in her seat and smiled smugly as a fresh wave of arrogance washed over her.

“I totally knew that.” She didn’t, but she was having a lousy day and this new information was starting to make her feel better.

“You did not,” Meredith replied, intent on watching the complicated surgery in peace.

“Did too!” Cristina returned in a childlike manner.
Deciding to indulge her friend in hopes that the subject would eventually drop, Meredith asked, “How did you know that?” All she really wanted was to enjoy the surgery that her love had been talking about all week. Why should she be punished since Cristina was having a bad day?

“Simple,” Cristina smirked. “Roller Girl is too hot to be a fan of the deep south.”

“Lesbian,” Meredith corrected absently as she craned her neck around a rather large intern, trying to get a better view of Derek as he began the operation.

“And that’s a stereotype also how do you explain Callie being into women?”

“Whatever.” Cristina noticed what Meredith was doing and smacked the intern on the back of the head, indicating for him to move. Which he quickly did.

“Besides, how do two women even have sex?”

“Cristina! I want to watch this!” Meredith all but whined. “Please be quiet.” She also didn’t want to take part in any conversation that involved sex, well, at least not now. “You’re just cranky because Altman kicked you off of her service, and Owen is spending his free time getting to know her again. So stop trying to take your problems out on the world, more specifically out on me right now.”
Cristina was quiet for a moment. “At least a guy has something to put somewhere if he’s gay, ya know?” She formed a circle with the fingers on each hand, then bumped her fists together a few times. “See? It’s like bumper cars!”
Meredith palmed her face and sighed. She knew that Cristina just wanted attention, but she had been looking forward to observing this surgery all week.

“Cristina, please stop being a childish ass and pay attention to the surgery! Or at least be quiet so the rest of us can!”

“Fine, ok, keep your panties on, we know what happens when you don’t,” Cristina muttered and was quiet for a moment.
Satisfied that Yang would let the subject for now, she turned back the glass window and propped her feet on the freshly vacated chair back in front in her. She gave Cristina another sidelong glance and finally gave a relieved sigh as Derek continued to operate.

“How do two lesbians know when they’re done having sex?”

“Seriously?” Meredith screeched and stomped her feet in the floor. “You are a medical doctor and you know the female anatomy just like the rest of us! Please, Cristina, I am begging you, let me watch this in peace!”
Feeling rejected, Cristina sat back in her seat and crossed her legs. When Meredith continued to glare, Cristina dramatically indicated the gallery window.

“Thought you wanted to watch!” She smiled to herself when Meredith huffed and turned back in her seat. Cristina laughed out loud when her best friend made a disgruntled noise as her pager went off.

“Shut it, Yang!” She snapped

“Hey, you can’t blame me for that one!” Cristina continued to laugh as Meredith checked the small display screen.

“Ugh. It’s Lexie and she needs me in the ER,” Meredith said as she stood, giving Cristina a warning finger. “Behave yourself! I mean it.”

“Little old me?” Cristina replied in a sugary sweet tone that Mer hated.

“Whatever do you mean?”

“Whatever,” Meredith grumbled as she left the gallery.
Cristina laughed, but stopped as an intern was staring at her. She scowled and jumped at him, laughing as he quickly turned back to viewing window. “I win,” she smiled to herself.
“This better be good Lexie, you paged me whilst I was watching Derek, you knew I was looking forward to that,” Meredith snapped as she took the chart from the taken aback intern.

“It’s neuro.” Meredith shot her a look that screamed I’m gonna need a bit more than that from you. “I-I-I mean male, fifty five years old, severe headaches, regular nausea, impaired peripheral vision, raised ICP and consistent drowsiness, I’ve given him an eye exam, expected grade IV astrocytoma …” Meredith took the chart from her sister and drew back the curtain, ready to get to work and give a second opinion although her Lexipedia sounded pretty accurate for the poor man in the bed cradling his skull.

Closing the curtain, Big and Little Grey prepared the chart for upcoming scans and blood work. “I’m sorry,” Lexie began, hoping not to get on the wrong side of Meredith after it had taken such a shaky few years to get to this common ground.
“It’s ok Lexie, he needed examining and I’m confident you’re accurate in your diagnosis, unfortunately.” Meredith sighed as she handed the chart off to a co-worker. “Anyway, how you holding up?”
Lexie squinted a little at her sister. She’d only been at the hospital for a few hours and nothing too taxing had come her way yet.

“You know, with the whole Mark and Robbins thing?” Clearly Lexie had no idea if the wide-eyed expression on her face was anything to go by.

“Mark and who?”

“Never mind, forget I said anything.” Meredith tried to downplay her slip and prepared to make a speedy exit to find Cristina, coping with another woman’s emotional fragility was usually not one of her strong points, probably thanks to Mommy dearest.

“Wait, you said Mark and…what-wait-you mean-Arizona Robbins? The woman dating Dr Torres? As in the hot woman who looks weirdly attractive even at stupid o’clock and is all perky and happy even when paged at night and who I’ve also unfortunately had to see way too much of thanks to Yang and her dumb headphones and no hot water and there they just were ya know all touchy and wet and hands in places that…and her and Mark and what? Because you know it’s one thing him and a stranger or-”

“Ok you need to breathe because I can really only treat a few patients at a time.” Meredith guided the breathless woman out of the ER and down to a near deserted corridor.
Putting her hand on Lexie’s shoulder, she tried to calm the frantic brunette down. “One ramble at a time please.”
Lexie looked at the older woman with her big doe eyes threatening to spill unshed tears over a man she wasn’t sure was really worth crying over. Ok that was a lie but still, she didn’t want to be crying in the hospital corridor like some helpless crazy person.

“Are-are-are you sure?” she asked, her voice betraying her non-weepy intentions.

“I really don’t know, it’s not my business, it’s just something I heard from Derek.”

“From Derek? Why would he say that? Was he joking?” Meredith sighed again. She’d given up a dream surgery for this. Hospital drama and she were so intricately linked that she was almost unsurprised at this point. “Lexie it was just some passing comment, you need to let it go.”

“You know what? No! No I don’t, I’ve been letting it go for far too long now.” And with that the dark haired girl turned away and headed straight for the orthopaedic floor, hopped up on adrenaline, sick of Mark’s over-sexed ways and more than ready to confront a certain someone about her trampy, weird, sunshine and rainbows, boyfriend stealing, lady-whore.

“We have to stop meeting like this,” Callie joked with her patient, a man in his sixties who had a thing for the ladies and was prone to impressing them, usually in ridiculous ways that ended up with him breaking a hip, knee, left wrist or in this case his femur.

“And give up the opportunity to be treated by a very beautiful woman? No chance, you make it worth all the pain.” Callie chuckled at his suave manner, he was a total horn dog for sure, but he was also a nice guy and a patient she was pretty fond of, even if he had tried to squeeze her ass within five minutes on their first meeting. Callie shook her head and shrugged off the chills that ran down her spine at the memory alone.

“Well Mr Kent you’ll be seeing me for a little longer this time, hope she was worth the agony buddy.” She held up the films to the light box in the room and showed him the severe break that she would be operating on tomorrow morning and then went over the procedure with him, filling him in on recovery time, dos and don’ts and a plea to stop with the showing off once and for all.

“You’re no fun Dr Callie. Haven’t you ever been so head over heels that you’d do anything to see them smile?” The grey haired man asked, a twinkle set in his dark blue gaze as he shifted in the scratchy hospital gown. Callie couldn’t stop the image of Arizona and that beautiful dimpled grin infiltrating her mind even if she tried. True they hadn’t been dating all that long but boy was she in deep with this one, nothing had compared so far to Arizona and if it kept up like this? Well she was certain no one ever would.

“Get some rest Casanova; I’ll be back in to check on you before I leave.” With a smirk, she turned around to leave and there it was, again. A light tap on her ass. Callie jumped at the contact and swiftly turned to see the old man looking down; a stoic expression adorned his features as he pretended to read the newspaper in his hands trying not to laugh at the crazy eyes he was currently being shot. The surgeon was stunned for the second time in so many months; she cleared her throat nervously and left the room, conscious to remain front facing at their next encounter.

Callie made her way into the ladies bathroom that held more than a few memories, George and Yang fighting over a pager and him being all George like a calling her ‘ma’am’, she snickered at the thought of him stuttering and Cristina rolling her eyes. Then there was the time she talked with Addison, a less happy memory due to the sensitive case they’d worked on together, yet it had been the beginning of a great friendship for both and a secure constant that had remained strong for both doctors.

And then there was that time with Arizona. Both of them had been much too eager and forgone with lust to even consider making it up another floor to their usual room that the bathroom door had been swung open in force, cubicles checked, the main door locked and Arizona thrust onto the sink’s counter with Callie quickly between her legs and the blonde’s scrubs pants and underwear forced down ungracefully to her ankles. Yep, that was a damn good memory. Callie’s nostrils flared a little at the thought, Arizona’s head tipped back in ecstasy, the feeling of her nails painfully digging into the brunette’s shoulder blades, the warm wet heat of…

Her blissful recounted event was evaporated as the door once again swerved inwards and let out a harsh bang against the wall, only this time it wasn’t her girlfriend on the other end, it was a very flustered and frazzled Lexie Grey.

“Does she often do this then huh!?” The young intern paced towards Callie, her hands waved emphatically, cheeks reddened at her frustration as Callie stood there and gawked at the unusual display.

“I’m sorry?”

“Oh you will be, she just comes all in like some hyped up on candy, blonde sexy wonder woman all-all- all here to save the day and the tiny humans whilst going behind people’s backs.” The younger woman moved closer to the orthopod, her index finger pointed as Callie stared wide eyed and slowly stepped backwards, each step drawing her closer to the wall until she was flat against it and trapped. “Stealing their, boyfriend, ex-boyfriends, whatever, that’s not the point, she can’t d-d-do this and y-you have to tell her to stop.” Lexie’s rant was combined with a hard point to Callie’s chest, boldness breaking through like never before.

Dr Torres was not a woman to back down, nor was she ever one to shy away from conflict. Actually thinking back it had been her more often than not that had, albeit inadvertently, started such conflict in her household when she was younger. Now however, she was more stupefied and slightly amused at the predicament she had found herself in and even with the close proximities to her friend’s ex-girlfriend, she bit her bottom lip to stifle a laugh that wanted to make itself be heard.

“Lexie, I have no idea what you are talking about. And ‘pinning’ me here,” she gestured to the smaller woman’s hands at either side of her neck as she made air quotes with her fingers, “won’t help me understand, geez, you been on Arizona’s service with the rambling and angry hands?!” She softly pushed the other woman back a pace to gain some personal space once more. ‘God she’s gone all cage fighter on me,” the ortho surgeon thought, her eyebrows high on her forehead and her lips turning into a small smile, waiting for some form of explanation.

Lexie just scoffed and scowled back and folded her arms across her chest in an act of defiance and completely unlike her. However rationality was slowly beginning to filter back to her brain as the adrenaline wore off. Taking on a woman who was a good 4 inches taller than you and whose strength far outweighed your own was probably not one of her better non-thought out ideas.
Now Callie was just plain puzzled. Her nose wrinkled in confusion as she quirked that infamous one-eye browed expression. “Arizona? What has she got to do with this bi-polar mid-afternoon hissy fit huh?”

“Meredith said that Arizona and Mark are…” Lexie’s nerves had made a sharp 360 spin back to regular and she hung her head, avoiding the other woman’s gaze as she tried to find the correct words.

“On-on a scale of one to gay how gay is she?” Had Callie been drinking she was certain she would have sprayed the beverage all over the bathroom at that question.

“How gay is she?!” This time a small incredulous laugh did get away.
Lexie fidgeted with a piece of hair and tucked it behind her ear, her face now burning with embarrassment yet she still needed answers. “Yeah like is she Katy Perry ‘gay’, you gay or like Ellen and Portia gay?”
Callie’s laugh echoed amongst the toilet stalls. “Why are you even asking me this?”

“Be-because I’ve never heard that she’s actually a lesbian and now she wants Mark!” Lexie’s voice had now taking on a childlike whine, something that Callie thought was equally sickening and cute.

Torres just smirked and put on her best ‘aww honey’ face, chuckling at the implication and secure enough to know that nothing and she meant nothing about Arizona screamed guy lover. Grabbing Lexie by the shoulders gently, Callie looked down at the insecure wreck in front. “Wash your face, get something to eat, finish your shift and then go talk to Mark ok? And I mean talk as in no screwing, no flirting, no angry venty…whatever this was, alright?” The younger surgeon exhaled and nodded slowly, she felt pretty damn foolish now, must be stupid PMT hormones or something, maybe it was just working here, this hospital seemed to do things to people, look at Yang!

“Ok then.” Callie nodded once, a trait she had unknowingly picked up off her other half and smiled. “Trust me; I’m keeping her more than occupied with women, well one woman, if you catch my drift?... She’s not your perky competition.” Lexie nodded again, splashed some cool water on her face and left Callie alone.

As soon as the door clicked shut Callie lost it. It started with a deep chuckle that slowly vibrated up through her diaphragm and into a snort filled laugh. Within seconds it was a full blown cackling fit, the kind that is so completely infectious to those around. The brunette not being able to contain herself, grabbed on to the counter, tears pinching at the corner of her eyes and the more she thought about it the funnier it was. God, what was wrong with that girl?! Mark and Arizona was just all kinds of wrong, Arizona would eat him alive not to mention the woman had a serious boob fetish. Taking out her Blackberry, she quickly text Addison to come meet her in the bathroom before another round of laughter overtook her once more.
“Hey you,” Callie practically purred opening the door and spotting her girlfriend at her desk, papers stacked neatly to the left of her laptop, pens in their holder, files all colour coded and ready to be put away, ‘anal behaviour even in the confines of her own office, weirdo, cute weirdo, my weirdo,’ Callie thought as she sauntered over in her outdoor clothes. The blonde looked up and smiled at her invader, this was the kind of smile that Callie lived for, one that not only reached Arizona’s eyes but maybe even her soul and Callie couldn’t help but return the gift immediately as she plopped down into the chair in front of the desk.

“Hey yourself,” the blonde replied. “Finished for the day?”

“Yup, wanna come back to mine? Maybe get some wine and Mexican food involved too?”

“Mmm yeah, my favourite kind of foursome,” the paediatric surgeon joked.
Callie chuckled at the retort. “Better be the only foursome you’re partaking in. Wanna know something funny?” The brunette crossed her legs as she gazed at her lover filing out the final paperwork for the day. Arizona looked up, eager to hear Callie’s news.

“Heard a little hospital gossip today,” Arizona scoffed at the mere thought. Didn’t these people have anything better to do, like oh I don’t know, save lives!

“Now now, gossip is what encouraged you to kiss me, albeit in a dirty bar bathroom…” Arizona laughed again and smiled at the memory.

“You loved it.”

The orthopod grinned back. “I did. So, rumour has it that a certain blonde peds surgeon is um, how do I put this, um sick of donut and ready for hotdog?” Callie laughed at her own crass analogy, maybe she had been hanging around Sloan too much lately. Hmm. The woman in front of her just looked puzzled trying to rack her brain for another blonde working on her ward, sure there was Daisy but she was happily married to a man and had three children so that ruled her out, then there was Steven but he’s been gay all along, no donuts for him, could it be Angela even though she was more of a strawberry blonde? Callie could see the gears working overtime to keep up with Arizona’s inner rambling, damn that woman was adorable, it would probably be best to put her out of her misery so that is what the Latina did.

“It was you that they were talking about babe, you.” Arizona’s eyes almost comically bulged out of her head.

“Excuse me?! No no no no, aint no ‘hotdog’ loving going on here thank you very much. How rude of them to start something like that, also possibly damaging to my relationship, what if you believed that? Where did that even stem from? What if a parent overheard and thought I was just some hospital bimbo making the rounds and-”

Callie cut her off whilst she still could, Lexie was good, but no one did ramble like Arizona. “Calm down, I knew it was untrue. I don’t know who started the rumour but it’s ok, really. Oh aside from the fact you apparently want to shack up with Mark.” Arizona’s expression went from relief to utter horror in less than two seconds; her stomach took a hit at the thought of even seeing that man naked. Erghh, she shook the shivers off her shoulders and picked up her paperwork. “Now that is just plain effed up,” she added before closing the door to the filing cabinet and shrugging off her lab coat.

Callie laughed again. “But funny.”

Arizona turned and lent her backside on the desk in front of Callie, her knees in between the other surgeon’s as she tried to convey a new occurrence and twist in emotion.

“You know I’d never go there right? Sloan? Or any guy for that matter. Or woman actually. This-” she pointed between the two of them. “This is something special and we’re in a really good place right now, at least I think we are,” she added a head nod for emphasis, “and I just,” she sighed, unable to really reveal just how attached she was and how deeply she had fallen for the ebony haired woman.
“I really, really like you Calliope.” Callie’s breath caught in her throat a little. God how she wanted to just blurt out her love and have it there for all to see on the table but after George and Erica, well, this had to be done right, slowly, gradually and now was not the time for heartfelt confessions of eternity and forever.

“I really, really, really like you too.”

“You do?” Arizona questioned, looking more innocent and unsure than Callie had ever seen her.

“I do.” The couple shared a big smile, revelling in the happiness that they had both become accustomed to missing out on before they had found one another. “Now why don’t you come here and show me just how gay you really are,” Callie suggested lightly, beckoning the blonde on to her lap, pushing her boobs together slightly to create an even more inviting cleavage in that purple top. Damn did Arizona love that shirt. She pushed off the desk behind her and straddled the ortho surgeon, knees resting high on hips, groin to a cashmere stomach and hands behind a tan neck playing with the dark fuzz she found at the bottom of the hairline. The Latina’s hands circled the blonde’s waist, fingers playing idly with a dark blue scrub shirt as she reached in the last few inches and blew a hot breath on to her lover’s lips. Obsidian met cerulean, caramel met alabaster, soft met strong as their lips collided delicately, silence echoing the sensuality of the moment.

The peds surgeon moaned as she felt a wet tongue slowly lick its way along her bottom lip, ridding her of any other thought but the woman below her hips and infusing her mind with the pleasures she knew were within her grasp. Their kiss continued at the languid pace, burning in passion yet starving off sloppy hurriedness. Callie could feel the slight buck of hips against her own torso as she palmed Arizona’s ass pulling her closer still whilst feeling the firm muscle through the cotton fabric. Arizona’s hands moved northwards to cup the Latina’s cheeks as their lips remained enchanted by the other; she slid one hand through the dark mane she adored so fondly whilst parting her mouth to allow room for a wondering tongue.

‘She tastes amazing. She always tastes amazing,’ was all Callie could think about when she was sucking gently on the surgeon’s tongue, pooling moisture into their mouths and groins instantaneously, filling the room with simultaneous groans of pleasure. Mocha hands wandered around a hemline, fiddling with the material for a minute before grasping the cotton and pulling it upwards as they made contact with ticklish pale skin below. Inch after inch of cream coloured delight was unveiled as Callie’s fingers danced over a toned stomach; twelve pairs of ribs and under the most inviting pair of breasts Callie had ever seen before pulling the shirt right off over Arizona’s head. Callie grinned at her prize. She was wearing the teal bra, thank the Lord. She cupped the blonde’s full and rapidly moving chest, stroking the warm skin whilst thumbs searched for hardening nipples, screaming for attention under the silky lace. Wordlessly, Callie’s eyes met Arizona’s and a single finger trailed south between the enticing valley, down dipping into a belly button and disappearing between both bodies. The blonde gasped into the Latina’s neck as she felt her underwear depart her skin and a hand invigorate her senses as it slid along the engorged flesh. Callie gave a sexy low chuckle at the moisture she found between her fingers.
“Mmmm yeah, you’re definitely into women, no doubt about it.” Arizona quietly giggled as she reclaimed plump lips once more, more than happy to continue, hell even start a rumour about herself if this was the reward she received afterwards. Yep, she had to conclude. Best. Rumour. Ever.


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