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Fic: A Not So Silent Night (1/2)
Title: A Not So Silent Night

Author: Purplelily21 (a.k.a DeviantOrchid on

Pairing: Callie/Arizona

Rating: M

Summary: Pulling a dual night shift, Callie and Arizona find a way to pass the time. Calzona on call room antics. Basically smut/PWP.

Disclaimer: All television shows, books, movies, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work and the characters, events, and settings thereof are the properties of their respective owners. No profit was earned during the making and posting of this fic.

A/N: I haven’t written anything this smutty in a very long time so if you like it then show me some love and tell me. Thanks!

Arizona Robbins had drawn the short straw and pulled the night shift this Friday, fortunately, or rather unfortunately for the Latina, so had Calliope. The two had yet to meet in the hospital with Callie being hurried into an emergency trauma with Hunt and Arizona having to do an unexpected appy with Lexie which had developed complications and taken an extra two hours. Needless to say, both surgeons were earning their wage tonight. Arizona was currently camped out on the bottom bunk in an on call room trying to rest her eyes for the spare thirty minutes or so she’d nabbed leaving the ward in capable hands. She was in that in-between place of conscious and unconscious, eyes flicking behind the closed lids, body twitching every now and again when her isolation was disturbed and the door creaked open and shut just as quickly. She was sure she had locked it but apparently not.

The blonde hadn’t bothered to open her eyes, assuming that whoever the intruder was would grab the top bunk or see the room was occupied and leave. Neither happened. Instead she felt a weight behind her as the figure encroached on her space and laid their body down next to hers. She may have been startled had it not been for the familiar perfume assaulting her nostrils and alluding her to the mystery guest’s identity. Firm tanned hands wrapped around her frame and knees bent behind hers to accommodate her spooned position. A smile found its way to her face as she heard the person inhale the space between her neck and clavicle whilst lips placed a tentative kiss on the alabaster surface.

“We better be careful or Calliope may find us here,” she softly spoke. The brunette laughed into the soft skin.

“Mmm you better be joking Dr Robbins, I’ve gone all cage fighter once in this hospital, I’m not afraid to do it again.” Arizona giggled into the dark room.

“That’s a sight I wouldn’t mind seeing,” she responded, turning in the strong arms to see her girlfriend’s beautiful face finally. “Hey.” Warm chocolate met sparkling blue.

“Hi, miss me?” Callie had that playful spark in her eyes as she asked the question.

“A little,” the peds surgeon jokingly replied.

“Just a little?” The blonde nodded, focusing her gaze on those plump lips inches from her own and noticing the contours of the delicious mouth so near yet so far. God how long had it been since she had kissed those?

“Well we’ll have to do something about that then huh?” Callie stared back at her lover appreciating the loose blonde curls that framed the angelic face she had the pleasure of waking up to every morning. She ran a single finger through the locks, playing with a silken helix before draping the curl over the blonde’s shoulder.

Arizona nodded once more and smiled wickedly before grasping Callie’s navy scrub top in her fist and closing the remaining inches between them. The brunette’s eyes flickered closed as she focused on the sensation of pink lips against her own, the hitch in her partner’s breathing as they made contact and the way the blonde’s fingers opened from fist to a splayed pattern across her chest.

The kiss was delicate in nature, testing the waters to discern the need of the other. It was Callie who pulled back first without straying too far, she searched Arizona’s eyes and found nothing but want, affection and perhaps gratitude. Their lips met again, this time with less hesitancy and a new found determination from the ortho surgeon. Whilst she was rather accustomed to on call room ‘activities’, she’d only engaged in them with her girlfriend a handful of times and did not want to push too hard. She needn’t have worried. Arizona was too caught up in her need to feel the brunette’s lips on her own to even contemplate separating for professional hospital ethics.

Arizona’s hand crept up a tan neck before finding a resting place on the Latina’s cheek, drawing the two closer as her lips rediscovered their accomplice. Callie nibbled softly, pulling away before sucking the blonde’s top lip in her own, squeezing the flesh gently, almost reverently. For Arizona the tenderness was endearing but not what she needed right now. No at home they had time to be romantic and sentimental. Here she could get paged any minute and coupled with the fact they hadn’t had sex going on four days now, she was passed gracious courtesy. She wanted, no needed more. Taking a more dominant position, Arizona rolled a surprised Callie on to her back, hips straddling the curvy pair beneath her as she ran her tongue up the brunette’s bottom lip to the top creating a shiver across the Latina’s body.

Callie felt her lover brace herself above, elbows and forearms resting on the starched white of linen whilst her sleek hair created a private shield around their heads. Arizona dipped her face down, careful to roll her hips in a forward motion as her tongue forwent permission and plied apart tender lips intent on finding it’s treasure in the warm cavern of Callie’s mouth.

Feeling her girlfriend suck slowly on her own fleshy muscle, Callie couldn’t contain the slight groan of approval. She grasped the hips atop her own and bunched up Arizona’s scrub top to feel the luxurious skin of her lower back. Thumbs dipped into dimples of Venus and delicate curves, sneaking around a waist to play with the ivory below earning another grind which shot waves of pleasure straight to Callie’s core. God she could feel herself getting beyond turned on. How could she not? Dominant Arizona was one of her favourites.

As the kiss became incredibly heated at lightning speed Arizona could feel Callie’s hips and groin gyrate against her own and moaned into the thick air of the cosy room, both women hell bent on finding friction of any kind to soothe the burning ache of desire. Nought to sixty in no time, this is what the Latina did to her. Sure she’d had good sex before, great sex even but this raw need to consume the other person was unbridled and if she was honest she didn’t want to ever begin to rein it in.

“Up. Sit up.” It was a demand not a question and Arizona decided to comply knowing the obedience in this case would be a win win situation. Callie barely took note of her now heaving chest choosing to focus on her girlfriend’s instead, wanting to see the exquisite expanse of skin beneath the restrictive cotton. She pulled rather harshly on the material, too eager to fret over a slow and sexy reveal and threw the scrub top unceremoniously onto the sterile looking linoleum below.

Callie grinned at the now half naked blonde on top of her. She pulled Arizona forward and kissed her hard. Hands immediately crept up a well-defined stomach, skimming over the surface as a sculptor would with clay, moulding the heated flesh beneath her fingertips and burning the feeling into her memory. Not that she could really forget how this felt. Arizona would always be a permanence solidified forever regardless of her real life presence. The peds surgeon whimpered slightly as Callie’s tongue planed across her acromion, tracing the skeleton up over her clavicle and then northern to a pale neck. In this moment, Arizona was incredibly thankful for her partner’s penchant for bones.
Arizona tilted her neck to the side silently begging for the brunette to continue with her tease. Her wish was granted as Callie licked a wet path up to a pink lobe before taking it between her teeth and nipping the spongy appendage. Callie heard a slight hiss leave her girlfriend’s lips and smirked into her neck. She repeated the bite this time lower until she had left an impression of her pearly whites millimetres away from the shorter woman’s jugular.

“Fuck!” Arizona pulled her skin away from the nip as her neck rolled backwards on its own accord. Somewhere she’d given up control of the situation. Something she had very rarely been distracted from in previous relationships and intended on retrieving now in this one. She grabbed Callie’s face and placed a scorching kiss on her lips, tongue probing along teeth, gum and muscle as it tamed the fiery woman into passivity separating only to yank up the Latina’s shirts over her head. Callie grimaced with the force, practically getting whiplash by the offending articles of clothing. The movement just fired her up as she battled to not let Arizona top her once again. Right now dominant was hot but submission was hotter.

Once free of her shirts, Callie immediately set about undoing Arizona’s bra and unfastened the garment one handed, her other held the paler woman firmly in place by the hips. She brought the ivory chest forward to her mouth, her tongue licking her lips at the sight of two pebbled nipples ready for the taking. She could feel Arizona’s penetrating stare on her as she purposely avoided the left nub and licked a hot trail on the underside, focusing instead on the amazing valley between the two globes. She felt two hands weave through her hair as she placed wet kisses along each breast belonging to the rapidly moving chest. Callie knew what Arizona wanted right now and she knew she should give it to her but damn, teasing was fun and she wasn’t letting her lover call all the shots in the bedroom.

The near silent grapple for control raged onwards in the on call room. Arizona tried tugging Callie’s mouth to her awaiting nipple to no avail, clearly the Latina was not going to budge in their miniature war but time was ticking and she could feel the arousal pooling in her underwear, certain her scrub bottoms would need changing at this rate.

“Calliope,” it came out breathier than she intended.

Brown eyes connected with Arizona’s as Callie halted licking around a sensitive areola. “What?” the brunette rasped. The shorter woman almost couldn’t bring herself to beg for it but fuck it, this was Calliope Torres and if you didn’t cave for a woman like that then you needed more than Derek Shepherd to help fix your brain.

“Just touch me, please.” Callie couldn’t help but have a little fun with this. It really wasn’t every day that Arizona Robbins, saviour of the tiny humans, begged to have you touch her nipples.

“I am touching you. I’m touching you here…” Callie licked a full circle around the sensitive bud. “Here…” She kissed across the chest and nuzzled her nose on the right breast. “And here…” She rubbed salt in the wound by bringing her hand up and cupping the other breast, fingers avoiding the obvious pebble. The next thing Callie felt was a sharp stinging in her scalp as Arizona pulled on the black strands and pushed the back of her skull towards the neglected skin. Callie’s lips had little choice but to envelope the swollen nipple and then some as Arizona groaned out her satisfaction, ecstatic to feel the sensation she had been craving all day.

Just as Arizona was really enjoying getting lost in the feeling of Callie’s tongue playing her body so finely, she felt the hips she was balanced on turn to the side sharply and a pair of hands guide her body to the mattress. Before she had time to react to her new position Callie was down by her feet, slipping off her Heelys, socks and pants. The Latina eyed her new view, Arizona in only a black and purple lacy thong. Blood rushed to its new destination downtown as she drew in a shaky breath. The light was minimal but the impact was monumental regardless, simply put, Arizona was stunning.
Arizona could feel the penetrating stare almost burn her skin in its intensity. She loved feeling like this. So wanted. So amazing. Only Callie could make her feel like this and it was addictive. Goosebumps broke out in her skin, a mixture of arousal and the temperature of the room which didn’t go unnoticed by her girlfriend.

“Get under the covers,” the Latina spoke roughly. Her voice took on a delicious gravely tone that was music to the blonde’s ears.

Callie quickly removed all her clothing as Arizona readjusted herself on the bed and gained some warmth from the itchy blankets provided. The brunette then shuffled herself in between her girlfriend’s legs careful not to touch her sensitive centre just yet.

“God you’re so hot,” the ortho surgeon rasped before diving in for another passionate kiss. She felt Arizona’s legs come up to fix themselves around her hips as her tongue once again worked its magic. Lace rubbed against skin as Arizona went in for a cheeky roll of her hips. Callie found her partner’s warm hands and slowly raised them to the metal frame at the top of their heads, still unsure if Arizona was going to play along with their roles tonight.

The blonde’s head was swimming in delightful agony. She adored feeling Callie like this, commanding and in demand of control but something inside told her not to go down without a fight. She tried to wiggle her hands free as they felt the cool metal touch the fiery skin but Callie was stronger in this position and held on tighter, wrapping the paler woman’s hands to grab the bar and holding her own on top of them.

“Stay.” It was an order. “Or I’ll stop.” It was a threat. A threat that normally Arizona would laugh at, she knew Callie had to be as wet as her right now but something in the woman’s eyes told her she really wasn’t joking and that if Arizona wanted an orgasm within the next fifteen minutes she should really do as she was told.

Painful. That is was the throb between Callie’s legs had become. She could feel a rush of liquid slowly begin its descent down her core. The time for waiting was over, Callie wanted what was hers and she wanted it now. Staring into the cerulean blue to make sure the woman was going to be compliant; she kissed the rosy lips in front of her once more, trying to convey not only her arousal but love too. Her hands found the small scrap of material still attached to Arizona’s body and with the help of the blonde lifting her hips, the thong was removed swiftly and joined the pile on the floor.

Callie’s hand found a warm thigh as she wrapped it around her hips once more, the other leg followed on its own accord, Arizona just grateful it was something she could still somewhat control. The Latina placed hot wet kisses on the blonde’s rising chest, she could feel and hear the heavy breathing along with the subtle whimpers of delight when she guided her tongue over the pink peaks.

“Calliope, you’re driving me crazy,” Arizona whispered into the dark room. It was the truth. The woman couldn’t focus on anything but the sensual brunette and her sexy curves on top. Had someone asked her a simple question like how to diagnose short gut syndrome her mind would draw a blank.

“That’s the point mi amor,” the ortho surgeon grinned back.

Callie rolled her hips forward for maximum effect. If her lover was going crazy now, she was in for a big surprise. Mutual moans vibrated around the room as wet cores connected for the first time. Arizona delighted in the sensation and opened her legs a little wider to accommodate her partner.

Callie’s lips found her girlfriend’s ear and whispered deeply. “Mmm you like that Arizona? You like feeling me drip on to you?” Oh dear God. The blonde wasn’t sure anything was sexier than Calliope dirty talkin’ like that. She could only moan in response as her hands gripped the steel bar tightly, wishing more than anything than she could run them down Callie’s back and dig her nails into the brunette’s shoulders.

“I asked you a question.” Callie’s voice breezed through her ears like silk as her hips once again rolled against the others before lifting up to remove contact.


“Tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it,” the taller woman growled.

The blonde licked her lips. Callie wasn’t making this easy. “I want you inside of me. I want your fingers in me, fucking me.” But Arizona was no shy wallflower in the bedroom and she could be just as unabashedly dirty.

She was rewarded with a groan from her girlfriend as Callie roughly grinded down once more, slickness causing the most amazing friction for both as their clits connected and pulsated together. Arizona’s head rolled back in ecstasy, her knuckles white with anticipation and eyes firmly shut tight. The Latina started a slow rhythm with her hips.

“Say my name,” the brunette demanded.

“C-Callie, oh fuck, please, I need more of you.” The taller woman smirked and trailed the pointed tip of her tongue up Arizona’s neck and along her jaw and up to her ear. “I will fuck you in a moment Arizona, but right now, I want you to remember this moment, remember how you begged for me to be in you, remember how you whimpered every time I touched your skin, remember how wet I made you and remember that you are not the only one who gets to be in control…”

Arizona was panting hard as she heard the words hit her ears. “I will, I will, I will,” she chanted, hoping that it was said with some conviction and the woman on top would soon make good on her promise.

“Good.” The tanned woman tilted her partner’s chin forward and clashed their lips together, tongues penetrating harshly as Arizona conveyed her need for a different form of penetration elsewhere. She could feel moisture escape her groin and run down on to the white linen but couldn’t find it in herself to be apologetic for the hospital’s laundry staff in any form.

Callie broke the kiss panting; she needed this as much as Arizona. She squeezed the blonde’s left breast harshly before trailing her hand down the toned stomach and finding the trimmed short hairs at her core. Rubbing along the surface, Callie’s right hand planed forward until it felt hot damp perfection. Arizona’s hands opened and closed against the metal as she felt the electric contact on her clit.

Callie rubbed the hardened bud in a circular motion a couple of times before gliding through the slick heat to the blonde’s awaiting opening. Fuck she was so wet and ready. Callie made a quick mental note to tease Arizona like this again in future.

“Please baby…” Arizona begged once more for some relief. Her pussy felt like it was on fire and she needed the remedy quickly. Callie acquiesced and slid two fingers halfway into the dripping slit. An animalistic moan escaped the blonde’s lips as she felt the impact of finally getting her desire. Locking eyes with her girlfriend, Callie used her hips against her hand and bucked hard into the paler body. A shockwave of pleasure coursed through the surgeon’s system as she felt her lover fill her deeply.

“Oh god yesss,” Arizona hissed, however her sexual bliss was halted by the sound that no person in their predicament wanted to hear, the sound of the door handle opening slowly. The women froze as the imposter flooded light into the room. Callie apparently had forgotten to lock the door too.

A/N: I’m sorry that was mean to leave it there but you love it really! I’ll try and get part 2 completed quickly.

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That's sooo mean!!! Leaving us hanging like that!! Hhahahaaah!! Update now please!!!!!

:O ... noooo!!! you can't do that to them!! and to us! First you have to finish, like right NOW!! and second you can't leave them like that!!

Oh I sure hope there is an update soon :) bug love the story

Ahhhhh you can't leale us like that!! ;) this ff is great, I need to know what happens next!!

Fuck this is hot!!! I'm glad I came here after part 2 was already posted!

Wow!!! That was hot and intense! I can totally see Arizona and Callie fighting over sexual prowess lol..Great job and I am glad that part 2 is already posted!!

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