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Fic: A Not So Silent Night (2/2)
Title: A Not So Silent Night Part 2
Author: Purplelily21 (a.k.a DeviantOrchid on

Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: M
Summary: Pulling a dual night shift, Callie and Arizona find a way to pass the time. Calzona on call room antics. Basically smut/PWP.

Disclaimer: All television shows, books, movies, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work and the characters, events, and settings thereof are the properties of their respective owners. No profit was earned during the making and posting of this fic.

A/N: Big thanks to RockyTop for giving me some major confidence. Here is part 2 as promised. I’m so happy that the first part got such a positive response. You people are awesome. I hope this part doesn’t disappoint. I’m still working on my other story but I have an idea for another 1 or 2 chapter smut story so we’ll see how it goes before starting that. Stay tuned…


Callie felt her whole body tense harshly against the soft woman below. Sure she’d been somewhat caught in the past, Bailey had come a knocking once or twice when she was in the midst of it with Mark and Derek Shepherd had walked in right after they had finished, it wasn’t that embarrassing but that was with Sloan and it was purely sex. She really didn’t want anyone to witness her sex life with Arizona, especially since it was so much more than just a dirty fuck for either of them and coupled with the fact that Arizona was a rather private person, this was slowly becoming a ground swallow me up moment.

The peds surgeon could still feel her girlfriend’s fingers buried in the depths of her warmth as she tightly screwed her eyes shut in hopes that the childlike logic of ‘I can’t see you so you can’t see me’ would apply. Both women remained stock still waiting for the inevitable scolding and humiliation that was sure to prevail shortly.


April Kepner had been busy writing up late night charts. She wasn’t actually scheduled to be working tonight but she had gotten a bit behind on charting and paperwork and by now it was too late to call for a lift or make her way back to Meredith’s so she figured she’d stay at the hospital overnight and get some rest in one of the small bunks provided. She was scrolling through some emails on her iPhone whilst she headed towards on-call room 5, it was situated in a quieter wing of the hospital and she knew she’d manage to get a few hours kip here. Flicking through another email on hospital security she opened the door and walked into the blackened room, eyes glued to the highlighted screen in her hand. She stood still and scanned the black letters, none of them aimed personally at her, just more bureaucracy and although she could see its importance, she wished they wouldn’t keep filling up her mailbox with it right now.

Callie couldn’t see their intruder but she could definitely feel a presence standing behind her right shoulder. Why hadn’t they moved? What was the son of a bitch doing, trying to get a free peep show maybe? Was it Mark? Craning her neck ever so slightly to get a peek, she felt her body slip and her hand push deeper into Arizona. Automatically her left hand moved to clamp tight over her partner’s mouth. She knew from experience just how vocal and sensitive the blonde was in bed. Arizona supressed the moan that threatened to spill from her dry lips and felt her mouth covered quickly. This was torture now. Forget the teasing earlier, that was nothing compared to this, having Callie’s long strong fingers inside her, feeling the brunette’s hardened nipples against her chest, being so fucking turned on and having to stay absolutely immobile. She prayed for the first time in a very long while.

Kepner was still reading her emails as she moved towards the bunk, exhaustion and the lack of light making her completely oblivious to the lovers entangled together just a metre or two away from her. She situated herself on the edge of the mattress and reached down to begin to take off her shoes. Callie’s heart was thumping erratically against her chest and she could feel the blonde’s imitate its action. Oh dear God why wouldn’t the person leave, clearly they hadn’t been spotted and this was getting increasingly more awkward with each passing second. April sighed and spoke quietly to herself as she pulled on her laces. Damn it, both Callie and Arizona recognised that high voice; Kepner. They were being held sexually hostage by the virgin, had she not been one of the participants, Arizona may have laughed at the irony. Callie’s hand remained firm on her mouth whilst her own stayed attached to the metal bar above her head, one wrong move and the bed would creak and they would be discovered.

The pressure was getting to both women, the sexy sweat having turned into panicked perspiration. Well it could have been worse thought Arizona, could have been that skeazeball Mark, or the Chief or oh dear Lord, Bailey! At least when they were busted April would be too embarrassed to tell anyone of what happened in the room. Yeah it could be like Vegas, what happens in on-call room 5, stays in on-call room 5, only it wouldn’t as these things had a way of seeping out. Arizona was starting to seriously worry, creating scenarios in which all her peds nurses were suddenly laughing and snickering at her behind her back. She’d lose all respect and probably be called into the Chief’s office where she would cry like an idiot in front of him again.

Finally, after the longest thirty seconds of the women’s lives, a pager sounded throughout the room and a softly spoken ‘dammit’ could be heard from the unwelcomed guest. Callie just thanked whoever was ‘up there’ that it hadn’t been one of theirs, some lesbian sex God must have been watching over them tonight. April popped her toes back in her Nikes, picked up the bleeping device and scowled before shuffling out of the room.

Both Callie and Arizona let out a shaky loud breath as they heard the door click close. Arizona opened her eyes and met the newly amused expression on her girlfriend’s face.

“Thank God it was just oblivious Kepner,” she half spoke half giggled. Suddenly the situation was becoming funny thanks to their undercover sexcapade. Deep chuckles rose from Callie’s chest as she slowly pulled out of the blonde and scrambled away from the warm body to her feet.

“Hey! Where are you going? Don’t you have some unfinished business here?” Arizona asked incredulously whilst gesturing to her own body, sure they had almost gotten caught but that was no cause to leave her here all worked up and with only her own hands to take care of herself.

Callie wordlessly and dressed in only her birthday suit walked the few steps to the door and turned the lock. No more interruptions. She smiled and cocked an eyebrow at her girlfriend. Arizona was lying on her side, the sheets around her midriff and her amazing breasts illuminated with the small glow from the light under the door.

“Why would I go anywhere else…” she purred, sliding back into the bed and once again situating the blonde’s hands above her head, “when I have you right where I want you.”

Arizona smirked and kissed the Latina soundly on the mouth, glad to have the welcomed weight on top of her as their tongues reconnected and rekindled the passion they had shared just moments ago. It didn’t take long before the burning inferno was stoked into full blaze as Callie kissed the blonde’s jaw and worked her lips along the pale neck skin. She flicked her tongue and sucked languidly on the rose pink flesh, making sure to let go before a deep love bite formed. She would leave those later in secret patches on the peds surgeon’s body instead.

The shorter woman groaned as she felt the moist warm tongue soothe the nips and once again rolled her hips upwards to meet the feminine curves she longed to feel. Feet once again joined at the ankles as she ensnared the orthopod around her thighs. Feeling Callie like this definitely made it worth being topped. She watched Callie’s breasts rub against her own, the sensation causing her eyes to roll back in her head whilst her spine forced her back to arch like a rainbow. Callie’s hot lips sucked on her nipples as the brunette feasted on her long awaited reward, pulling each one in turn against her tongue and toying with it just because she could.

Arizona was finding it harder and harder to contain her urge to push Callie’s head or hand down to her centre, fuck anything of the brunette’s would do right about now. She just needed more of everything. The Latina took pride in the fact that she had managed to work the paler woman up in such a short amount of time, she could feel Arizona’s unsteady breaths against her neck as she kissed and sucked along her clavicle. The whine and whimpers letting her know that her girl was ready for more.

Catching one another’s gaze, the two women had a fleeting silent conversation, dialogue that only contained understanding and a deep emotional connection that neither had felt before the other. Arizona nodded once and Callie took two fingers from her right hand and stroked her tongue along their length, concerned that their interruption had perhaps waned Arizona’s arousal. She needn’t have worried for her hand was met with copious amounts of that satin liquid she adored. Arizona in turn spread her legs a little wider to accommodate the hand between their bodies and waited with bated breath for the full feeling to return. She didn’t have to wait for long.

Callie ran her index finger along the swollen flesh and groaned out loud, thoroughly enjoying the heat and dampness she knew she had produced alone. “God Arizona, you’re so fucking wet.”

“I know, j-just, fuck Callie I need you in-inside, fuck me before it’s too late.” The blonde was in heaven as fingertips danced along her soaked groin, this time the teasing aspect has disappeared in favour of a hot and heavy tension that once again filled the room with erotic enthusiasm.

Callie did as she was told this time. She was less worried about being in complete control of the blonde and more eager to just fuck her and feel her come undone. This was what both of them lived for. The rush, the passion, the moment when you don’t recall your own name and instead scream out the other person’s. Callie wanted that and more and with one final lick of the left rosy peak on Arizona’s chest, she pushed in hard and fast once more using her hips for extra momentum.

Arizona could have cried at the relief. Her body was begging for a quick release. Days of built up tension had accumulated in a need that she wasn’t sure she could control for much longer. More interruptions or not, she had to come now. Callie set a balanced rhythm, speeding and slowing to build up the maximum amount of pleasure possible. She could feel the satiny walls constrict and pull her back in when she went to release her fingers to the tips. Arizona was moaning softly at each thrust, her body on sensory overload as it focused on the only thing that mattered right now.

The Latina craned her neck and transcended upon a particularly delicious patch of skin right under her partners left breast. She sucked as much as she could into her mouth and applied as much pressure as her warm mouth could, biting the flesh every now and then for full impact. When she let the skin go she could faintly see the deep red mark of her labour, a reminder later for Arizona when she changed out of her scrubs and into her outerwear. If Kepner’s invasion didn’t trigger the event, this mark sure as hell would.

“Callie,” the peds surgeon softly called into raven hair. “Jesus Calliope.”

The brunette just smirked and carried on her ministrations, scissoring her fingers when she figured the blonde needed it most and gaining deep rumbles of ecstasy for her efforts. Her caramel skin slid easily along the sweat soaked ivory of Arizona, she licked up the salty taste along the valley in front of her face and pushed particularly unmercifully forward. She could feel Arizona’s heels start to dig in to her ass, melding the flesh to spur the action on. Arizona always did like it rough.

All Arizona could think was that if this was wrong then damn she never wanted to be right again. This was it for her. Calliope inside her body, her mind, god her fucking soul and she was so unbelievably enthralled with the feeling that she was certain that sex with another person would never get her so close to heaven as with this woman. This woman that she had shed more than a few tears over, that she had had angry shouting matches with, faced sleepless nights over and had once called a ‘new-born.’ Now she couldn’t think of any other permeating her life as vigorously as Callie had. Through writhing and muffled screams of euphoria she saw the future and a little piece of infinity.

Callie was panting hard with each thrust. Her body was becoming strained with the tension, her fingers slid through the moisture again and again whilst she slammed further into Arizona’s depths. She could see the blonde struggling intently with keeping her hands still yet the metal appeared as a form of comfort, something to keep her grounded when she could so easily float away on the sensations. Her own groin was begging for friction. Pleading to feel her lover’s fingers fill it so wholly and completely but she pushed her own selfish needs aside for now. She wanted to come but she needed to feel Arizona more.

Legs tightened painfully around the Latina’s midsection as Arizona gulped in as much air as her burning lungs could capacitate. The bed creaked louder and louder as Callie’s hips drove her closer to the ultimate. Arizona could no longer keep her eyes open and watch her partner fuck her into oblivion, it just wasn’t possible. Instead she closed them tight, crinkles appearing at the edges and focused on the tanned body working her own body like it was a simplistic creation. Something done a thousand times over and so well practiced that one did not even have to think about the task. Honestly this was entirely possible, they had been all over each other since the shooting but still, Arizona knew this was no mindless obligation for Callie; this was an almost selfish gratification which she knew filled Callie with as much happiness as she. It was a self-indulgence she would always welcome in her life.

“Faster, please, faster…” the blonde begged. She was so close, she could feel her body begin to constrict and release in all the right places. She could barely breathe with the intensity. Her senses all blending into one that majored in her core. Feeling the familiar pull and tightening of muscles, hot like fire in their desire to release. She was here and nowhere, her body almost broken in two as her limbs began to shake against tanned flesh.

Callie appeased her girlfriend and sped her actions. She felt along the grooves and smooth planes of velvet walls, comforted in the knowledge that she knew which actions would result in the utmost bliss for the woman beneath her. She expertly found the blonde’s clit with her thumb. A mastered movement that usually sent the shorter woman spiralling into the depths of her own delectation.

“You’re so close, oh god, come for me, now, come for me,” the Latina hissed against the peds surgeon’s neck. Her right hand buried beneath the covers, her left propping her body to a hovering stance.

The paler woman couldn’t contain the white hot flame that began in her groin and sped like magma along her tendons, bones and flesh. It was consuming and otherworldly in its presence and she just let it overtake her being.

Callie felt the other doctor lift off the mattress and thrust into her own body. She heard the deep moan erupt from the blonde’s chest and fade into the dimly lit room. Her girlfriend’s knuckles turned white against the steel and a tear escaped out of the corner of her eye as she gave in to the relished alleviation. The brunette inflicted speeded circles upon the distended bud against her thumb and drove Arizona into the highest form of bliss she could find on Earth.

The mattress bounced softly as Arizona’s body hit it once more, limbs all limp as her hands detached from their restricted setting. Callie collapsed on top of her, her own muscles screaming for rest and recovery yet her core earned for its own satisfaction and a taster of what the blonde had felt.

“Oh god, oh god,” Arizona panted as she came back to reality, her girlfriend breathing heavily in the crook of her shoulder, fingers still hidden within their damp confines.

“Worth the wait?” Callie mumbled.

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” Arizona responded, cheeks now aglow with the aftermath of her orgasm.

Callie chuckled and slid her fingers out before licking off her sticky treat. The shorter woman watched in wonder as a tongue scooped the hot liquid into the awaiting mouth, her chest still heaving from their actions.

“You are so fucking hot Calliope.” God Callie loved it when that potty mouth came out to play. She grinned a cocky smile and lifted herself off Arizona and then scooped the blonde into her chest, needing to feel the connection with her partner. The peds surgeon was all too happy to comply with the intimacy of the embrace and rested her head upon a thrumming heartbeat. “I missed that,” she quietly whispered.

“Me too,” Callie stated simply. She really had.

Tanned fingers stroked the length of a slick spine, each vertebrae carefully accounted for. Arizona smiled at her lover’s post sex ritual, if it wasn’t her ribs or hips, it was sure to be her back bone that Callie played with.

“I just need a few minutes then…” Arizona said softly, her exhaustion catching up on her body as a gruelling double shift made itself known.

“Take your time.” Although the Latina was still beyond turned on, she was content to lie like this for a while knowing sooner or later the favour would be returned. For now though, with the love of her life in her arms, she was at one with the world.

A/N: There you have it, part 2 completed. I’m thinking of writing a partner piece where Callie gets hers if you know what I mean. Let me know if that sounds like something you’d like to read. Ok well thanks for reading and look out for updates of Twelve Hours Each at

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Wow! Um yep definitely wow & you can't leave poor callie hanging ;D

This was so intensely hot!!!! I am so so so for you writing more like this. Hot hot hot!

i love it....
you describe all the scene so perfect hot...
i am waiting for your next masterpiece!!!

You can't leave Callie all um... neglected? Arizona would never do that ;)

Great short. Very hot. Loved April not knowing what was going on! :)

I DEFINATELY want to read your version of Arizona returning the favor. This was wonderful and very easy to believe. You make them and their relationship seem so real. I can't wait to read your idea of Arizona bring Callie to the edge. Write on!

Very sexy and delicious! Hope to read more from u!!

I definitely want to read a part #3!! This one was really great!!

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