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FIC: Twelve Hours Each (1/?)
Title: Twelve Hours Each
Author: Purplelily21 (a.k.a DeviantOrchid on
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: T for now, NC-17 eventually, I think?!
Summary: Callie and Arizona have a whole day off together. Who decides how they spend it and what will they get up to?

Disclaimer:All television shows, books, movies, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work and the characters, events, and settings thereof are the properties of their respective owners. No profit was earned during the making and posting of this fic.

A/N: I have no idea how many chapters this will entail but I have time this month and some form of inspiration so I thought why not give writing a go again. Also I'm from the UK so I spell colours with a 'u' and words like generalise with a 's' not a 'z'. Sorry for confusion. Enjoy!

Callie Torres let out a sigh of relief as she pulled the dark denim up her caramel legs and fastened the zip and button hastily. She’d completed a 28 hour shift and was more than ready for her thumping head to hit the pillow and black out already, that is if her roommate was gonna keep the noise down tonight. Hearing the gruff trauma surgeon pound the Asian woman against their fridge the other night had made Callie’s ‘Top Ten Most Disturbing Moments of My Life’ list along with catching her parents having sex, finding her pet ferret in her sister’s dog’s mouth and having a patient vomit on to her face in her intern year and Owen’s mortification at seeing her the next day had not made up for the horror. Apparently Yang had convinced him Callie was staying at Arizona’s and they had the place to themselves, once the orthopod emerged from her room, it was crystal clear that Yang had been lying. Needless to say, Callie was less than impressed. A text beeped through confirming that the incident wouldn’t be a repeat. Tonight she had the apartment, Yang was now at Owen’s, Arizona should already be there in her bed, hopefully in those tiny tiny shorts or maybe if she was lucky nothing at all and...beep beep...and shit, what now? Callie palmed her Blackberry and quickly checked her emails. She puffed the air out of her cheeks reading that it was just a schedule update and one that actually worked in her favour. Looks like she and Arizona would actually have the day off tomorrow, together, one whole day of bed, food and sex and it could not have come at a better time. With a grin on her face and her signature leather jacket resting snugly on her form, the surgeon left the hospital still weary, still exhausted yet utterly content with this new gift of freedom.

Walking into the apartment that was surprisingly clean, a rarity that living with Yang ensued, Callie admired the work tops and floor space once more. God her girlfriend was a gift from heaven, clearly this was Arizona’s doing, the neatly stacked magazines, the dvds in alphabetical order instead of on the floor, the red wine bottles stacked carefully in their rack, yep this reeked of Arizona’s anal attentiveness and the brunette shook her head in admiration and thankfulness. Toeing off her pumps and putting them by the rest of the shoes, Callie padded through her apartment intent on crawling if need be to her cove of beddingy goodness. Ok so beddingy wasn’t a word but shit, she was tired and in desperate need of rest and in ten or less steps that was just what she was going to get as she stepped into her room. Cylindrical spatters of gold peeped out of the paisley pattern whilst a foot stuck out from the bottom of the mahogany structure, Callie couldn’t be sure if she’d ever loved somebody more than in this moment right here right now. The soft snores of her partner filled the otherwise silent room and she made effort in keeping quiet whilst removing her own clothing lest she disturb the slumbering beauty to her right. Softly she slipped in beside the blonde, precariously laying her pager and ID on her bedside cabinet before fluffing her pillow, sorting her red shortie nightgown and moulding her body into the Egyptian cotton sheets. Normally she’d cuddle into the woman beside her but tonight she didn’t want to disturb her and if she were being completely honest, once hitting this stage of tiredness, both her and Arizona liked their space to drift off peacefully. Just as her lids fluttered closed she felt movement. Arizona shifted and turned over to face the brunette, her eyelids hooded with sleep and dreams, a small smile gracing her perfect rosy lips.  

“Hi.” The word came out slightly croaky and obviously laced with lethargy.

Callie gave a little grin in return and tucked a roving curl behind its owner’s ear. “Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you, I was trying to be quiet.”

“You didn’t really wake me. I was just dozing until you came home.” Huh. Home. Arizona had never really thought of how that sounded until now but it rolled off her tongue so easily and home is what this modern two bedroom apartment had become for her. Its bat-cave like appearance had concerned her before, sure it was edgy and ‘cool’ but what it really needed was a splash of homeliness, happiness, a touch of her, Arizona, to make it really sparkle, she hoped that conversation wasn’t so far away in the distant future.

“Well here I am. Did you have a good day baby?” Arizona smiled in return. Callie very rarely used pet names, she wasn’t sure if it was because this was her first real relationship with a woman and so wasn’t accustomed to referring to another woman in such a manner or because the ortho god wasn’t a fan of such familiarities but when they did come out, usually when Callie was incredibly sleepy, it warmed the blonde’s heart so deeply.  

“So so. I’m better now you’ve joined the slumber party,” the peds surgeon replied with a small light-hearted giggle.

“Can we call it a party if we do it every night and with just the two of us?”

“Meh, I don’t see why not, plus are you complaining? Do you really want other guests to attend this private event? All kinds of people seeing me in my short shorts...”

Callie couldn’t help it, she had to see them. Peeking under the covers she could indeed see that her girlfriend was definitely not lying, there they were in all their glory, green and hot pink stripes with an orange ribbon to accentuate staring back at her just begging to be touched and taken off, maybe in the morning though when they could both really appreciate the brunette’s efforts.

“No. Mmmhmm, nope. Those better be for my eyes only.” Callie replaced the duvet and smiled brightly whilst her eyes remained heavy. She was still exhausted but she loved moments like these where she could be silly and happy and just relax with the woman she adored more than bones, and that was saying something. “Oh did you get the email?”

Arizona looked at her quizzically. “You sent me an email at-” she craned her neck to see the red digits glowing on Callie’s side of the bed, “half eleven at night?”

“I didn’t, the Chief did, something about an emergency VIP procedure taking priority so other surgeries have been pushed back due to security measures and space or something, anyway the point is we both now have tomorrow off. All. Day. And. Night,” Callie replied placing gentle kisses on her lover’s lips as she spoke the last few words.

“For reals?” Arizona asked, her body already buzzing with possibilities at the new information leaked to her ears. Callie let out a sharp burst of laughter. Dear God, who used the phrase ‘for reals’ after the age of thirteen? She figured that’s what working in peds did to a person.  

“I kid you not.”

“Oh the Gods do favour us and bestow this gift upon us at such an opportune time.”

Callie’s eyebrow shot up at the remark, ‘for reals’ wasn’t sounding so stupid now. “Stop. Enough with the ‘ancient’ talk. I told you I wasn’t going to let you watch Spartacus again if you copied that shit, one full day of it was plenty,” she huffed as she plumped up her pillow once more before wiggling in to create a little nest of covers and sheets around her body. Arizona frowned in response.

“But you like it when Lucy Lawless does it.”

Callie chuckled. “Oh honey, that’s not why I like Lucy Lawless. Now sleep.” The brunette stuck out the index and middle finger of her right hand towards the other woman’s face and carefully closed her eyelids in hopes that they could now get some rest together. Kissing her girlfriend blindly but delicately, Arizona rolled over but stayed close to her lover’s body, knowing that she probably needed space tonight and they could cuddle tomorrow, the comfort of nearness being perfect for now. She could hear Callie’s breathing tailor off into a different pattern, she was already entering a deeper state of sleep than the blonde had all night, this never failed to amaze Arizona and she smiled at the thought of her girlfriend’s ease at turning off whenever she needed to. Arizona however was now turning the cogs in her head to think of plans for tomorrow. Identical days off were a rare occurrence and not a thing to be wasted on trivial events like laundry or mending things by sewing. Damn how she hated sewing. Something about the texture of manmade material as opposed to skin made her angry and don’t even get her started on washing machines and their ability to ruin lovely crisp expensive designer shirts and turn them into unsightly pink monstrosities. Pink was not in her top five favourite colours and ‘red sock dyed my whites pink’? Well that colour could just burn in hell for all she cared. Chancing her luck with the snoozing woman beside her, Arizona spoke into the dark not all that quietly.

“Calliope?” It was a stage whisper at best.

“Whaaaaaat?” Came the muffled and less than pleased response.

“Sorry to wake you up but I need to know what time to set the alarm. I was thinking seven?”

If Callie’s ears could laugh they would have for they must have mistaken what was just said. The orthopedic surgeon remained quiet.

“Calliope? Are you asleep again?” Arizona turned over once more to check on the taller woman’s status.

“No I misheard and just thought you said to wake up at seven on our day off.”

“I did.”

Callie laughed a sharp bark of a mocking laugh. “No freakin’ way. Try again Robbins.”

“Fine eight at the latest,” Arizona said with a nod of the head before fixing her phone’s alarm.

“Eight?” Callie couldn’t help the anger that laced her question. She didn’t mean to be moody but damn she was tired and Arizona was not playing fair tonight.

“Yes eight. I don’t want to waste the day away in bed sleeping.” There was her military upbringing coming out, thank you Colonel Robbins.

“Sleeping is not wasting, sleeping is amazing, sleeping is great, sleeping is ‘awesome’ even, try it.” Callie adjusted her body and starfished herself on her tummy as best as possible with an alert Arizona next to her.

“I get it I really do but this is the first joint day off in over a month and I want to take my girlfriend out and show her off and be a proper couple outside of the hospital where I can’t always hold your hand or kiss you when I feel like it.” Oh yeah, appealing to the orthopod’s ego and sensitive side should totally change her mind on this time issue. ‘Nicely done Arizona’, the blonde internally congratulated herself.

“Fine.” It was faint but it was confirmation and the battle had been won. A silent audience applauded and roared with appreciation in the blonde’s head at her success… “But I get to choose what we do.” And then the fake audience booed loudly. Callie opened one eye to catch her girlfriend’s response at this.

Arizona’s face contorted with displeasure. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Not that she was entirely opposed to a day with Callie picking what they did but the couple didn’t always agree on activities, restaurants or even music choices and Arizona wanted to be outdoors in the park tomorrow as it was supposed to be sunny whereas Callie preferred watching ‘the game’ in a bar or playing a game of pool or even going all out and renting a motor bike for the day, something badass and edgy.

“Um ok I guess but how about we both pick something. Oooh oh I have a better idea.” The paler woman smiled and rested her elbow on the pillow, head leaning on her hand whilst curls spilt over her shoulder. All Callie could think was how lucky Arizona was to be so beautiful, anyone else would have duct tape across their mouth, a pillow case over their head and a lonely cold night on the sofa for this amount of nightly interruption. Instead she just rose a manicured brow again hoping that shutting up would become infectious and catch on.

“We’ll take shifts,” typical doctor the brunette thought, “every two hours we alternate, so for example, I’ll get to choose from eight until ten in the morning, you take ten until twelve and so on, that way we can fit as much in as needed and no one can complain about having to spend four hours at the bowling and arcade place pretending that they didn’t enjoy it when clearly they did because they went to get change three times to play on the zombie killing machine guns thing and-” Callie’s lips covered her rambling lover’s and silenced any further discussion on the topic. Slowly mouths melded into one as the kiss became sensual but soft, tender but not overtly sexual. Callie pulled back and pecked Arizona once more.

“Ok, sounds good. Now please, for me, just try and sleep, m’kay?”

“Ok,” she responded kissing Callie one final time and lying on her side again. “Goodnight Calliope.”

“Goodnight Arizona.” Callie smiled and silently chuckled to herself, of all the surgeons in all the lands, she picked this one and damn if it wasn’t the best pick of all. Thinking to hell with space she sidled up to the blonde’s side, a tan arm fitted around a slim waist and a smooth cheek rested in the crook of Arizona’s neck and shoulder, both women at peace and enamoured with the other and for once, heavily anticipating the rise of the sun.

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Excellent - a new multi chapter fic to impatiently wait for updates on and as an added bonus written by someone who spells colour Arizona might say...YAY!!

This is a good read: fun and funny. I always love their banter and you did it up nicely.

You have a strong descriptive voice and straight forward writing style that makes this easy to read and enjoy.

Your sense of humor shines as does their love for each other blended with a touch of romanticism. Clearly their pheromones have them gripped in that 18 month love haze period. LOL

Arizona's rambling was adorkable. Laughed at the silent audience reference.

Favorite lines:
- she loved moments like these where she could be silly and happy and just relax with the woman she adored more than bones
- If Callie’s ears could laugh they would have

Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how their day off plays out.

Oh dude this was awesome!! Loved it! So well written, descriptive and fluffy and just awesome!!! I had a feeling Arizona would want to be up early and out all day at the park or doing 'Arizona' things LOL! I was kinda thinking Callie's plans would detail food and Sex and drinking LOL!

Cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Awesome work super excited for more!

i love how nice, sweet and real the way you've written the two =)

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